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sage vociferous sarcasm resplendent hone repudiate remnant substantive blurt affectation vapid stipple gush misapprehension propagate philanthropic

使分散:apart;浪費:spend wastefully 歸罪于:incriminate 破舊的,襤褸的:shabby 全球基督教會的:whole churches;世界范圍的,普遍性的:worldwide 解除武裝:reduce armed forces;使息怒,平息,撫慰:lessen;使無害:harmless 非常謹慎的:cautious 支付:undertake the payment 困惑,不解:perplexity;糾纏,使....糾結:in a snare 刻意避開;戒絕:avoid 邏輯上正確的:correct 歡快地蹦跳或行走,雀躍:sprightly 閑聊,空談:talk idly 樂觀的,確信的:free from doubt;面色紅潤的:healthy reddish 搖搖欲墜的:ready to collapse 相稱,同等,平等:being equal 不一致:lack of agreement 開啟,啟封:open; 提出討論:present 喧鬧聲,嘈雜聲:loud noise;重復,使人厭煩地反復灌輸:again 指派,任命:appoint;構成:make up 發顫音:quivering voice 倦怠;缺乏興趣:listlessness, lack of interest 明亮燦爛的:bright;熱情飽滿的,感情強烈的:zeal 挫敗:prevent from being successful 打擾,使不便:trouble 漂亮的,吸引人的:pleasing, wholesome, attractive 權力:power 好斗的,好吵架的:aggressive 排擠,篡奪...的位置:usurp the place of 申請:application; 起訴:charge, crime, accuse 排練,彩排:practicing in preparation 君主,帝王:rules;巨頭,大亨:person of rank, power, or influence 結果:result 嚴肅認真的:serious 警戒線:line preventing;圍成一道防線:form cordon 隆起的,凸出的:thrusting out 評估(重要性、尺寸、價值等):determine; 征收費用(如罰款):charge, penalty 無所不在的,普通的:everywhere, often observed 調情:behave amorously;無規則地快速運動:make irregular movements 令人煩惱的事物:source of irritation;使煩惱,使厭倦:irritating 過度的:exceeding the customary or appropriate limits 調整(以配合):adjust 泄露(秘密):known confidence, secret (脾氣、性情)溫和的:serene 使飽和,浸透:wet thoroughly 綜合物,馬賽克般的東西:collection 做總結,概括:abstract, summarize; 使分心:away, attention 欺詐的:fraud

極壞的,邪惡的:wicked 迷住的,使困擾:haunt 逐字地,一字不差地:exact words 缺乏,不足:inadequate 柔軟的,松散的:lacking firm;軟弱的,沒有精神的:lacking strength;跛行,艱難地行走:halt 潛行于,巡游以獵取食物,徘徊:roam through search of prey 狂妄自大:exaggerated pride, self-confidence 活力,生命力:vigor 輕罪:crime less serious 同等地位的人,同輩:equal;好奇地凝視:look 勸說(使不忠,使不服從),誘...誤入歧途:persuade 不知道的,不知情的:lacking awareness, not informed 無秩序的,無目標的:lack of plan, order or direction 天意的,幸運(的):divine intervention 稀釋/經稀釋的:concentrated/low strength, concentration;削弱:diminish strength, flavor, 偽造的,假冒的:being such in appearance only;虛偽的,做作的:lacking, spontaneous quali 吸引:attract 草率或不認真地對待:handle thoughtlessly 死亡,消亡:cease to exist 終止,暫停:stopping of a process (言行)謹慎的:good judgment and restraint;不易察覺的:not readily seen or noticed 猜想,推測:little or no evidence 活潑的,充滿活力的:full of vitality 侮辱性的:characterized by insult 搗碎:pulpy mass 新手,業余愛好者:beginner, novice 貧窮的:lacking money 肆意揮霍的人,敗家子:expends self-indulgently 及時的,無拖延的:without delay;恰到好處的,合乎時宜的:appropriate 輕輕倒出:pour off without disturbing 欺騙,口是心非:deceptiveness 匯合,混合:together same 在…中加入輕松、活潑或變更的因素:mingle permeate (使)凝結,(使)變稠:coherent, clot 處于支配地位的:controlling others;(基因)顯性的:genetic dominance 揮霍的:spending money freely;過度的,不必要的:beyond normal acceptable limit 挖掘,挖空:dig out 適合耕作的:growing of crops 精神錯亂;極度興奮,發狂:mental disturbance confused 薄木板,用以貼在家具外面的飾面板:thin surface layer, wood;粉飾(不好的東西):conceal de 貯藏,秘藏:keep hidden 恐怖的:horror of death 漫無目的:lacking purpose;離群,迷途,偏離:move away, deviate 陳腐的,缺乏創新的:lacking freshness originality 不對稱,不均衡:lack of balance 笨拙的,不雅的:inability in a graceful manner 微妙的,難以感知的:difficult perceive;巧妙的,間接或帶有欺騙性的:clever deceptive means

(看待問題、思考的)角度,看法:way of looking;傾斜的:slanting direction;歪曲(事實等) 心理學:science mental process and behavior;心理戰術:subtle tactical action influence 昏暗的;骯臟的:darkened, dirty 無成果的,沒有價值的:having no worth;粗心不負責任的:careless 感到歡喜:rejoice 古怪的,奇異的:out of the ordinary, bizarre 冗長乏味的:tiresome, dullness, boring 流利圓滑的(常含有不真誠或欺詐的成分),油腔滑調的:fluency insincere deceitful;缺乏深度的 回蕩,回響:continue or be repeated sound waves 狡猾的:artful deceptiveness;(手工)靈巧的:skillful;欺詐,欺騙:practice of misleading 催眠曲:song lull sleep;使鎮靜,使安心:free from distress (食品)清淡無味的:lacking favor;平淡的,無聊的:lacking interest 整潔的,時髦的:tidy 脫去,使赤裸:bare 恐嚇:intimidate 可理解的:being understood 無知覺的:lost consciousness;漠不關心的:not responsive;粗俗的,沒品味的:lacking in ref 杰出:above others 職業人士:profession 小氣的,吝嗇的:unwilling;極少量的:less plentiful 友好的,外向的:extroverted 獲得,取得:get possession 閑逛,漫步:by foot 懇求,迫切請求:urgent manner 為他人操心的,體諒他人的:happiness of others;迫切的,渴望的:urgent desire 刺激,激發:provide incentive 細微的,不重要的:lacking in significance 使惱怒:annoyed 減速,延遲:cause slowly 帶來威脅的,有兇兆的:a sign of evil 仿制品:like something else 間接提到:indirectly (談話內容)雜亂的:without order 敵手,對手:resists, enemy 否認:declare not to be true;證明為假,證偽:prove wrong 輔助的,附屬的:secondary, supplementary, subordinate; 幫兇:one, wrongdoing 宏大的,超凡脫俗的:surpassing the usual 推測,揣測:take to be true;投機倒買:from market fluctuations 嚴詞拒絕:reject 前面的:before 英勇,勇敢:superior, courage (使)變小,(使)減少:smaller, less;輕視,貶低:lessen, belittle 贊頌之詞,頌文:eulogistic 不忠,背信棄義:disloyalty 有據可依的,無懈可擊的:capable defended, reasonable 厄運,逆境:difficulty 低聲歌唱或說話:murmuring

樂于接受:willingly, eagerly;保圍:surround 準確,精準:careful details;細微之處:fine point 過于感傷的:tearfully sentimental 完全不同的:not of the same kind;特征性的,典型的:serving to identify 疏遠,離間:make unfriendly; 轉移,變賣(財產或權利):convey or transfer 轟鳴的:loud sound;凄涼的,哀傷的:plaintive 瑣碎的,無足輕重的:little importance 感到愉悅滿足的:pleasure or contentment (輕蔑地)嘲笑:scornful 使發怒,使不滿意:discontented;使疏遠,使不友好unfriendly 給予…權力(例如選舉權):endow rights;解放:set free 列入名單,計劃,安排:put on a list 漸漸康復,漸愈:recover gradually 報酬,報應:reward or punishment 惹人反感的:cause discontent;羨慕嫉妒恨的:resentment of another’s possessions 激活,加強:more active 無可爭議的:not open to question (印記等)無法擦除的:impossible to remove;無法忘懷的:not easily forgotten 著名的,杰出的:distinguished 突然倒塌或收縮:fall, shrink; 完全耗盡體力:depletion, energy, strength; 失敗:unsuccessfu (音調)不和諧,刺身;不一致,分歧:disagreeable 過高收費:charge much 激怒:incite anger;驅使,激起:stir feeling 準則,標準:standard, criterion; 真經,正典:authentic 數不清的,無數的:numerous 表示贊揚的:praise 分割,劃分:dividing 精明的,老于世故的:worldly knowledge or refinement;復雜的:complex 放蕩的,性欲強的:lacking restraints 虛構的:not real 單色的:one color;單調無味的:lacking variety 狹小的,狹窄的:small 毒液:poisonous matter;惡意,惡毒的用心:desire to cause pain 專橫傲慢的:arrogant;壓倒一切的,(在力量或重要性上)勢不可擋的;支配的,顯著的:overwhel 揣測的結果:conclusion by surmise;猜測,估計(大小、數量等):decide without actual measu 同意:agreement;同一時間發生、存在:same time;團結合作:joint 口感好的,味道好的:appetizing taste, smell;令人愉悅的,pleasure or contentment 歡樂頌:joyous song praise 幽默、打趣的(地)談話:humored 小故障:minor malfunction 多孔的:porous 離散的,不連續的:separate 低聲抱怨:murmur complainingly 欺騙:cause to believe untrue 苦行的,克己的,禁欲的:self-denial; 禁欲者:person, self-discipline 辱罵的:reproach;臭名昭著的,令人鄙視的:infamous 混合:turn into a single mass

稱頌,頌詞:declaration gratitude 遣返:return to country 狂妄自大地大聲說:loudly arrogant; 大聲吹噓,恐嚇:loudly; 喧鬧的狀態:noisy 阻礙(成長):hinder growth 無可置疑的:unquestionable 使成熟,變成熟:make ripe 錯覺:false idea 無法感知的,無形的:capable perceived 酷熱的:intensely hot;熱情的,情感深厚的:great depth of feeling 開始:beginning; 畢業典禮:conferring 極度恐懼:intense fear 界限:beyond which a person or thing cannot go; 給···設置界限:set limits; 投入的,堅定 乞討,乞求:beg 奢侈逸樂的,沉湎酒色的:enjoyments luxury 休戰,休戰協定:suspension fighting 貿易禁止令:prohibition on commerce 跛行,蹣跚而行:haltingly or with difficulty;阻礙,妨礙:hamper the action 健談的,多話的:ready speech 諷刺:ridicule (尤指好的)名聲,名譽:good reputation 拖延議事:for the purpose of delaying legislative action 宣誓作證:testify;廢黜,罷免:remove from a throne;擺放:arrange 閑逛,漫步:aimlessly and idly 口角,小爭吵:quarrel 淹沒:cover;(感情上、精神上)使無所適從,使難以忍受:subject to mental stress 減輕罪過:lessen the seriousness 強烈(公開)指責:criticize; 懲罰:penalty 行走緩慢的人:moves slowly 悲觀的:take the gloomiest possible view 斷氣,死亡:die;到期:come to an end adj.異常的,非常規的:deviating 啰嗦的,冗長的:excessive length 咒罵:curse;宣誓:oath 使(液體)蒸發:convert by heat;徹底消滅:destroy 酷熱的:high temperature;熱情的:great passion 理解,了解:grasp;包括,包含:contain or hold within 協議:agreement; 討價還價:negotiate 昏迷,深度無知覺:profound unconsciousness; 遲鈍,冷漠:sluggishness 細微的,不重要的:small importance 強調,重視:indicate the importance 刺激物:arouses action;支撐物:holds up;刺激,激勵:incite 無同情心的,冷漠的:unfeeling 下流的,猥褻的:indecent 匆匆忙忙:hasten 令人振奮的,給人帶來活力的:giving strength 不可預測的思想或行為:erratic, unpredictable 空想的,不切實際的:guided by ideals;幻覺的:in the imagination;有遠見的:foresight

休息,悠然自得:lie or relax 禁酒:abstinence alcoholic 哄騙:pleading, flattery, cajole 喧嚷的,吵鬧的:noisily 獨創性,創新性:inventive 黯淡無光澤的:lacking brightness 同義的:same similar meaning 多孔可滲透的:admitting liquid 業余愛好者(對藝術或知識領域涉獵淺薄者)/缺乏專業技術的:superficial interest/lacking exp 無拘無束的,自由的:having no attachments 意見一致:agree 次要的:secondary importance;起輔助作用的:aid, support 顯示相似,把…比作:show as similar 懶散的,倦怠的,消極的,漠不關心的:lethargy, indifference 分泌,流出:flow forth 忙碌之地:activity;儲備,積累:store up 組成,包含:include;包圍:envelop 懦弱,不堅定:lack courage 開端,開始:beginning 用力擦洗:wash vigorously;搜查:to find or discover 容忍:bear (特指稍稍地)弄濕:wet;抑制,壓抑(感情、精力等),潑冷水:diminish the feeling, activit 使尷尬,使羞愧:self-confidence,embarrass 高原:raised above;穩定時期,平臺期:stable level 褻瀆:treat abuse, irreverence, contempt;濫用:bad or improper use 嚴峻的考驗:severe trial 使淹沒:under water 挫敗,阻撓:frustrate or check;使疑惑:mental uncertainty 冗長的,啰嗦的:more than necessary 好戰者:urges war 受喜愛的,珍愛的:granted special treatment 無生氣的,缺乏活力的:lacking radiance vitality;蒼白無血色的:pale 不在場的證明,托辭,借口:excuse 胡言亂語:meaningless;胡言亂語,說傻話:talk stupidity 有教養的,不粗俗的:free from vulgarity 極度快樂:ecstasy; 極樂世界:place of perfect happiness 輕浮:frivolity 中和:acid undergo neutralization;破壞,使無效:make inoperative or ineffective 微小的東西,很少的錢:small object 反應迅速,樂意,欣然 平庸的,乏味的:dull;非常守舊的:old-fashioned 陰濕的:wet 狂熱者:a fanatical partisan 尊崇,順從:yield to 恐怖的:令人反感的:causing revulsion;面色蒼白的,病態的:pale in appearance (果類或谷物的)外殼:outer covering;剝去:remove 輕率不嚴肅的:lacking in seriousness;喜悅的:elated

穿上:put on 表面矛盾實際可能正確的話,悖論:opposed to commonsense 平等主義的:promoting equal rights 諷刺詩,諷刺文學:literary ridicule 反抗,違抗:go against 勸阻,反對:deter persuasion, exhortation 狡猾,狡詐:misleading 沖動的,性急的,輕率的:impulsive vehemence;劇烈的,猛烈的:violence of movement 憂心忡忡的,焦慮的:grief, anxiety 潰敗:complete failure 誘捕:catch 全景的:complete view 美食家:connoisseur food 叛徒:switches, traitor 勇敢的,英勇的:bravery 發光的,有光澤的:emitting or reflecting light;杰出的:standing above 旗幟,象征:symbol;變得衰弱:become feeble 大亨,巨頭:person of rank, power, influence (身手)敏捷:quickness, ease and grace 以浮雕效果妝點,裝飾:ornament with raised work 胸無大志的,懶惰的:lacking ambition 惡意的,惡毒的:vicious ill will, spite,hatred 傲慢地說或做:speak pompous 知道的,意識到的:aware 顯著的,最突出的:conspicuously 反人類:deep distrust of human 角斗士:engaged fight death;參與打斗或辯論的人:engaging in controversy 磨損,精神上的折磨:wear away, by friction 冷漠,缺乏情感:lack, feeling, emotion; 缺乏興趣,不關心:lack, interest, concern 有多種理解方式的,不確定的:more than one, doubt, uncertain 睡著:sleep (行動或言論)自由:freedom 小沖突,爭論:minor 塵世的,世俗化的:relating to world;平凡的:commonplaces 無法勸阻的,不為所動的:not persuaded 專家:experienced 無憂無慮的:no worries or troubles 任命:to pick for a specific position or duty;命名:give a name to 可以理解的:understood comprehensible 普遍的,包容的:not limited or specialized 創新的:creative, inventive;最初的,最早的:before 姿勢,姿態:way of holding the body;故作姿態,裝模作樣:pretended attitude 干涉,管閑事:intrude adj.無精打采的:spiritless;adj.(地位、身份)悲慘、凄涼的:low state;adj.卑微的,討好的: 令人吃驚的,出乎意料的:astonishment, amazement 使不活躍:inactive; 停止:stopping, standstill; 逮捕:keep; 吸引(某人)注意力:hold, atte 大量:overflowing

坦率,直率,誠摯:honest, sincere 相關的,合適的:pertinent, appropriate 熱望:intense desire 必需品:something necessary;必不可少的,必備的:necessary 世間的,世俗的:rather than spiritual;老練的:experienced v.幫助,慫恿:assist or support;v.鼓勵:encourage 輕松幽默的模仿,小惡搞:exaggerates for comic effect;誘騙,誘使相信:believe what is true 大批離去:departure 極重要的:utmost importance 譴責(...為不道德的、邪惡的):declare to be reprehensible, wrong, or evil (植物)生長茂盛的:growing thickly;猖獗的,不受限制的:occurring without restraint 明顯的,公開的:open 極具說服力的:persuade;迫切的,緊迫的:immediate attention 有價值的,值得考慮的:considerable 轉彎抹角的:indirect 優秀的,重要的:paramount 開玩笑:make jokes 煽動,激起:urge forward, stir up 大量的:great numbers 沒有例外的,無條件限制的,絕對的:without, qualification, absolute 笨拙地做:awkward attempts;(無意識的)失誤:departure from truth 大聲斥責:thunderous denunciation 謹慎的:involving great care;過分雕琢的:excessively decorated;挑剔的:hard to please 好脾氣,友好易相處的:friendly 恩惠,福利:benefit; 喜歡集體活動的:enjoy the company of others 非常高興的,熱情洋溢的:joyously, unrestrained;大量的,充分的:abundance 偽裝,偽裝手段:deceive, hide (心情、心境或者語調)尖酸的:wit, cause hurt feelings 小口咬:small bites 監禁,禁閉;使閉門不出:confine 愛社交的:enjoy the company;群居的:group with others 復仇的,有尋仇傾向的:seek revenge 梅干:plum dried;修剪;修正 有附帶條件的;臨時的:conditional 獻出,提供:offer (好似用電擊)刺激:stimulate excite 孤高的,不合群的:distant 危險的:potential loss or injury 專業的,有造詣的:extremely skilled;無紕漏的,完美的:perfect;最高檔次的,最大規模的:hi 用力拔出:take out 冷漠的,無感情的:no sign of feeling 阻礙:present an obstacle 迷人的,漂亮的:pleasing and engaging (小的)爭吵:quarrel 不自然的,做作的:artificial 諂上傲下的,自大的:offensive air of superiority 投降,默許:give all resistance

打字錯誤:error 擦亮,磨光:make smooth or glossy 粘稠的,粘的:viscid 警醒的,警惕的:alertly watchful 峽谷:canyon;狼吞虎咽:eat greedily 草率的,倉促的:lack caution 蝕刻;留下深刻印象,銘記:produce a vivid impression 假裝勇敢:pretense; 虛張聲勢:swaggering 直率的,說話率真的:free in expressing opinions;直接的,不繞彎子的:free from ambiguity o 酬謝,報答:make repayment;報仇:punish in kind 表達不清的:not clearly expressed;輪廓不清晰的:lacking definite shape 傳道,布道:sermon (可以哼唱的)小曲:musical composition;如詩歌般流暢優美的:suggestive of poetry or music 沒精打采的,虛弱的:lacking energy 反射:change direction;反映,顯露:make manifest;思考:think seriously 肉體的:of the body 職業:employed 講壇,演講壇:stage speaking 預言的,啟示的:prophetic; 重要的,轉折點的:major turning 激怒:excite 守舊的,不愿改變的:oppose change;不招搖的,低調的:not showy;謹慎小心的:close attentiv 令人鄙視的:loathing and disgust;不榮耀的,不得體的:not honor 闡明:make lucid 愛發號施令的:ordering people;傲慢的,專橫呃:arrogantly domineering;迫切的:compelling 安慰性的事物:used to appease or reassure 臭氣,惡臭:foul odor (因嫉妒或厭世而產生的)偏見:bias 凹陷,凹痕:depression;(數量,程度上)削弱:make smaller (使)焦躁,激怒:irritate;深深的敵意:ill will;大膽,無恥:boldness 沉溺于奢侈逸樂者,酒色之徒:devoted luxury 靜止的,不活躍的:inactivity;(動物)冬眠的:suspended 放肆的,冒昧的:overstepping bounds;傲慢的:feeling of superiority 無瑕疵的:no, flaw; 密封的,不透氣的:impermeable to air 驅散:drive away, disperse;浪費:wastefully, squander;放縱:indulge, intemperate 臨時的:temporary 征服,鎮壓:bring under control;剝奪...的自由:make subservient 點燃,燃燒:set on fire;使加劇:more violent 長矛,標槍:long straight handle and sharp head or blade;刺穿,刺破:penetrate 使受騙:subject to deception 引起注意,提到:refer 該受譴責的,有罪的:deserving blame 提升,提拔:raise;贊揚:praise 激怒:cause anger 精明的,機敏的:cleverness or judgment;刺骨的,強烈的:discomfort 護身符:bring good luck, keep away evil 動作靈活的:ready, skilled;頭腦靈活的:mentally adroit, skillful 粗野的,無禮的:rude

(使)劇烈收縮,(使)坍塌,(使)內爆:collapse inward 支持,贊成:support 取代,替代:displace 甜得發膩的,感情用事的:sweet, sentimental 少量津貼:small portion 同意:approval; 聲望:prestige 觀眾,目擊者,旁觀者:watches 附屬物,非必需部分:not essentially a part 限制:restriction;使人屈服于(壓力、感情)等:give in to pressure 使隔離,分離:segregate;使隱退:seclusion 顯著的,惹人注意的:striking (天氣等)惡劣的:lacking mildness;無情的,殘酷的:unmerciful 有教養的:high degree of refinement;擦亮的:shiny 冒充者:assumes false identity 有影響力的,主宰的:dominant, influence, superior; 上升的:upward, rising 告別:bidding farewell;告別詞:address farewell 復雜的,費解的:complicated 磨光:make smooth 加強,鞏固...的底部:strengthen 隱蔽物,可起隱蔽、保護或屏護作用的物體:conceals, protects, screens;將...從視線中隔離,遮 復興:restoration 沉溺,上癮:surrender, obsessively; 對某事上癮的人:habitual liking 松弛的,不緊的,不嚴格的:not tense, firm, or rigid;懈怠的,漫不經心的:failing to give p 美麗:beauty 有粘性的:glutinous mingle:social;混合,結合:mix 易碎的,脆弱的,易壞的:broken; 不熱心的,不真心的:lacking in friendliness (根據條約)放棄,割讓:surrender possession of 欣喜,喜悅:feel joy 大雜燴:collection 搖晃,顫抖:move or proceed unsteadily;猶豫不決:show uncertainty 彬彬有禮的,文雅的:polite 原型:original model 謾罵,責罵:abuse or censure 骨架,框架:structural framework 卑鄙:baseness 僵局:a state of inaction or neutralization;使陷入僵局,使停頓:to a deadlock 單調的,常見的:normal course of events 迅速增加:increase 詭計:subterfuge 使解脫,救出:free entanglement 抱怨:dissatisfaction;(通過連續讓人討厭的舉動)激怒,惹怒:disturb 悔過的:regretful 哀歌(詩),挽歌(詩):expressing sorrow 多疑的,對他人極端恐懼和懷疑的:extreme fear of distrust 投入的,忠誠的:loyalty, devotion;示愛的,恩愛的:love 宣告,使...公之于眾:declare publicly

勃然大怒,發脾氣:bad temper 吹毛求疵:criticize 向...保證質量:assume responsibility for the satisfactory quality;批準,認可:give offici 實用主義的,務實的:practical approach 移植,移接:implant surgically 大范圍流行的:widespread 使僵化:inflexible, unchangeable 易怒的:easily offended;棘手的,對技巧要求高的:exceptional skill or caution 間歇的,斷斷續續的:not continuous;不定期的:lacking regularity 中點,關鍵點:critical point 粗糙的,表面不平整的:not smooth;(聲音)刺耳的,粗聲粗氣的:rough in tone;粗俗的:lacki 模糊的;非實在的:vague insubstantial;(質地精致得)幾乎透明的:transparent, translucent 寒冷的:low temperature;無強烈情感的,冷淡的:lacking in friendliness or warmth 邁大步走:long steps 邋遢的:slovenly;味道難聞的:unpleasant smell 骯臟的,墮落的:sordid, base 急切而不清楚地說:hastily and incoherently (言行舉止)有分寸的:avoiding extremes;有節制的:restraint 照明:make shining;闡明:make plain;啟迪,啟發:spiritual understanding 大量聚集:crowd in great numbers 內在的,本質的:essential 易受感染的性質或狀態:little resistance 規定,傳統的規矩:rule 最高點,巔峰:culminating 匆忙的,不注意細節的:excessive or careless speed 誠實的,說實話的:telling the truth;精確的,準確的:precise 間歇,休息:rest 咒語:magic power 細長纖弱的:frail or flimsy 賣弄炫耀的:conspicuous, pretentious 了解:have a clear idea 深奧難懂的:difficult to understand;少數人知道的:not known by the general 背叛的:betrayal 假名,筆名:fictitious 支吾其詞,撒謊:evade truth 輕率的:superficial excessive or careless speed (語言)晦澀的,隱晦的:veiled, uncertain;深奧的,難以理解的:difficult to understand 無動于衷的,感情麻木的:little emotion 預先阻止:prevent beforehand 打孔,穿透:make a hole 同樣大小的:equal; 相稱的,相當的:proportionate 新生:starting out in a field 結果:secondary result 躲避,不遵從:avoid, comply 衰弱的:lacking in strength 尊重:respect, prize 破裂:breaking;打碎,破壞:separate into pieces

挑剔,吹毛求疵:quibble 悅耳的,令人愉悅的:melodious 同意:agree 囤貨,藏貨:supply; 隱藏:hiding 木材:tree logs;笨拙地行動:clumsiness;使負擔(從而拖累):burden 易受騙的,易被利用的:cheated 寬恕;忽視:forgive 謀略,策略:deceiving 安全的地方:place of safety 過時的,廢棄的:no longer usable 大腹便便的,大肚子的:potbelly 自發的,不經思索的:without apparent thought 尊敬,把…視為神圣:respect 非實體的:not composed of matter;無關的,不重要的:no relevance 颶風:a violent rotating storm;颶風般的事物,引起動蕩的事物:resembling a hurricane 白天發生或行動的:daytime;每天的:every day;期刊:publication at regular intervals 可靠的,值得信賴的:depended on 小販,商販:sells 縮短,削減:less in extent or duration 表達清晰的:fully revealed or expressed;成熟的,完全形成的:fully developed 有抱負者,有野心者:aspires; 想成為···的:seeking 禁止,排斥:forbid 過量,過剩:excess 蹣跚:walk unsteadily;猶豫躊躇:unsteady in purpose or action 喜好,偏好:appreciation or liking;(愿望達成時的)高興,滿足感:when wishes are met;享受 名望,名聲:fame;夸獎,贊揚:acclaim or praise 不重要的事:little importance or value;不正經地對待,玩弄:without serious intent 實體的,實在的:matter;事實性的,明確的:in fact 有經驗的人,資深人士:knowledge experience;(加入時間較長的)高級會員:senior member 添(聲)加(色)(使形象、某因素或性質更加清楚):add distinct 免除責備:free from blame 狂熱者:unreasoning enthusiasm;狂熱的;盲信的:intense uncritical devotion 寬容的,善良的:tolerant, kind; 氣候溫和的:neither, high, low 成功的,繁盛的:vigorous growth, well-being 粘結,粘合:physical sticking;緊貼;堅持:adhere 卑賤的:ignoble;吝嗇的:sharing little;打算,懷有目的:purpose or goal;意味著:convey, 孵化:cover and warm eggs;幫助,培養,促進:aid 辭藻華麗的,花哨的:fancy expressions;裝飾華麗的:elaborately decorated 故態復萌,再犯:fall back 虛弱的,衰老的,破舊的:weakened 偷偷摸摸的,保密的:escape being observed 熾,烤,烤干:dry 茂盛呃:vigorously;多產的:producing abundantly;(聲音、味道)優美的,令人愉悅的:appeal 充滿不定性的,值得懷疑的:uncertainty, questionable;(對事實等)持懷疑態度的:not feeling 惡心的,暈船的:nausea 用證據或權威證實:support with evidence;為…提供證據,支持:provide evidence 使復原,使康復:restore to healthy condition;(使)洗心革面:better in character

通知,告知:inform 世俗的,塵世的:earthly life 次要的:secondary importance;輔助的,補充的:auxiliary, supplementary 確定無疑:certain 崇拜,敬仰:respect;崇拜,膜拜:offer honor or respect 寬敞舒適的:spacious 自戀的,自私的:absorbed in one's own 騎馬的人:rides;(議案的)附加條款:appended 對話,交流:exchange of views;閑聊:profusely or idly 使無罪,解除責任:free from, guilt, exculpate 正直的:principled;一絲不茍的:great care and effort 使協調:bring into harmony;調整(以適應):change to make it suitable;遵照,遵從:obedie (曲調)優美的:smooth and sweet 接壤的,相鄰的:sharing an edge 軍事的,軍用的:soldiers, arms, or war 神經錯亂的:abnormal, sick state of mind;不明智的:lack of good sense or judgment 極度感興趣的:urgent desire or interest 放蕩不羈者:without moral restraint 茂盛,繁榮:achieve success;裝飾:ornamentation 迷人的,令人著迷的:attract 豪華的:wealth and comfort;奢侈的:excessive gratification 不透光的:impenetrable by light, neither transparent translucent;晦澀的:obscure 成都強烈的:extreme;精致精巧的:refined taste 激起,煽動:stir up;喚醒:stop sleeping 平衡,停滯:balance 羞辱,使喪失尊嚴:to a lower position 校驗,證實:determine accuracy 萎縮,衰退:waste away (有目的地)展開;調度,部署:spread out 新生的,才開始的:early stage;未完全成型的:imperfectly formed 避開,避免:keep away 勒索:force, intimidation (環境、設備等的)舒適,人性化:comfort; 融洽,和諧:pleasant, agreeable 非常關系,全神貫注:extreme concern 神秘的:mysterious 撫慰,勸解:appease 夜間的:in the night;夜間活動的:active at night 尖細條,刺:sharp, slender piece;將...切成細條:break into sharp, slender pieces 一時沖動的決定:impulsive change; 反復無常,善變:change, impulsively 刺耳的聲音:inharmonious sound 非常熱情的:exaggerated emotion 俗麗的:excessively showy 極其憤怒的:extremely angry 報復,反擊:pay back 中間過渡時期,間隔:time between event;暫時的:for the time being 相對平靜時期,間隙:momentary halt;使鎮靜,使安心:free from distress 易怒的,煩躁的:vexed

異教的,異端邪說的:departure standards 淹沒:cover with flood 布道,說教:public speech moral 柱子:support;(物質、精神等方面的)支柱:support 艷俗的,俗氣的:vulgar manner 不一致,不和諧:lack harmony 無罪的:free from sin;無暇的,無可挑剔的:free from fault 安置:settle securely;隱藏:hiding 消毒,使無菌:free from infection 極壞的,極其殘忍的:extremely wicked; 讓人極為不滿的:extremely unsatisfactory 過度節儉的,吝嗇的:stinginess 規定,特定要求:specify agreement 極低的,極可憐的:immeasurably low; (程度)很深的,極端的:immeasurably great 輝煌的,燦爛的:shinning radiantly 弄臟,弄污:make dirty; 誹謗,玷污:detract from the honor 活潑生動的:vigorous 阻止,反對:refuse assent; 轉移,交接:shift possession 不平常的:different from generally found 愉快高興的:happy lighthearted; 無憂無慮的,漫不經心的:freedom from worries 最終的,最后的:following all others;緩慢行走:slowness;萎靡,失去活力:lose bodily stre 緩慢的,遲緩的:slow in movement;遲鈍的,反應慢的:slow to respond 墮落的,腐敗的:lowered moral character;放縱的人:devoted to luxury and sensual pleasures 調皮的,淘氣的:naughty teasing;有害的:causing harm 狂熱的,不冷靜的:fanatical 創立,制定:establish;機構:organization 保存,避免浪費:keep avoid wasteful 解開,松開:separate strands;闡明:clarity by separating;使糾纏,使復雜化:tangle 暗中合作,共謀:cooperate secretly;縱容:假裝忽視或并未采取措施阻止錯誤:pretend ignoranc 使卷入,使糾纏:twist confused mass;使變復雜或困難:complex or difficult 道德準則:code of good conduct 軌跡:scheming or crafty action 使苦惱,騷擾:cause persistent suffering;攻擊,襲擊:set upon (外國軍隊的)雇傭軍:soldier hired;唯利是圖的,貪婪的:monetary or material gain 解放,解除束縛:free 修改,使(適應):modify 食量大的,貪食的:huge appetite;過度貪婪的:covetous 打趣,善意的玩笑:banter 聲望,威望:respect 富裕的:sufficient 有益身心健康的:promoting health 命令:must be obeyed;命令的,強制性的:forcing one’s compliance;迫切的:needing immedia 非常古老的,過時的:extremely old, antiquated; 保守的人:old-fashioned 預先阻止:make impossible in advance;排斥:exclude 過渡期:break 自信的:bold, assertion, self-assured 榨取(財富、信息等):coerce profit 知曉的,理解的:impressed on the mind;恐懼的,害怕的:anxious, fearful

扭曲:twist (使)膨脹:expand 以謀略取勝:overcome 不滿分子:opposition;不滿的:dissatisfied 短缺:lacking;渴望:desire 可信,值得信賴的:worthy of being accepted (不情愿地)屈尊,俯就:condescend reluctantly 掩護物,屏障:shelters, protects, or hides;保護,使...免受攻擊:drive attack away;掩護, 容易受到驚嚇的,膽小的:easily frightened;容易激動的:easily excited;善變的,多變的:lik 輕蔑的,貶低的:disparaging 住所,住宅:residence;為…提供住處:provide domicile 激烈抗議,表示強烈不滿:protest vehemently 沉思:go over in the mind 偷偷離開:depart secretly 多余的,冗余的:exceeding necessary 易駕馭的,溫順的:giving in 均勢,平衡:opposing forces are equal;(感情上的)平靜:evenness of emotions (優美的)書法:elegant handwriting 意見不一致,不和諧:lack agreement, harmony 視野范圍:vision;知道,了解(人或物):know 喜歡開玩笑的,輕浮的:joking 過時的:passed its time 低下的,卑屈的:submissive, abject 不合禮節的,不得體的:conflicting with accepted standards 改善,改進:become better, improve 終場,結局:closing part 熄滅:put out;終止:bring to a complete end 易碎的:broken;易受傷的,脆弱的:easily injured 深信,確信:being convinced;證明有罪:proved guilty 著手處理:start work 上船:go abroad;開始從事:start 虛情假意的,過分恭維的:hypocritically 沉重的:great weight;沉悶無聊的:unpleasantly dull 當眾嘲弄:public contempt 公然的,厚顏無恥的:brazen 過于鮮艷的,過于張揚的:strident color 使彎曲:away from a straight line 使迷戀:inspire unreasoning love (帶欺騙性地)修改,潤色:deceptively attractive 脾氣壞的:bad-tempered;消化不良的:dyspepsia 本質的,根深蒂固的:firmly established 明智的,慎重的:judgment prudent 狂熱:strong enthusiasm, devotion, zeal 加重,惡化:worse, serious, severe 低沉單調地說;嗡嗡地叫:talk monotonous;(昆蟲振翅般)單調嗡嗡的聲音:monotonous sound;混 傳統的:established form, custom, or rules 松弛的:not tightly fastened;疏忽的,大意的:failing to give proper care

表達流利的:able to express well;不費力的:minimal difficulty 井然有序的:order 官方的正式廢除:annul;無視(某事的)存在:nonexistent n.終止,擱置:inactivity 輕描淡寫:,不予重視:minimize significance 浮夸的,過分裝飾的:embellished 混合的,多元化的:from various sources 贊成:approval, consent; 就任,就職:come into an office 剝去...的皮:strip off;脫去(衣服等):take off clothes 剩余的,殘存的:residue 匱乏:privation 勤勉的:diligent 不知道的,未覺察的:unware;偶然的,并非有意的:by chance, not intended 凝視:look 愿意順從,討好,彬彬有禮:comply, affability 贊助:provide aid;以高人一等的態度對待:treat haughtily 有益健康的:promoting health 成見,老套的理念:conventional, formulaic, and oversimplified opinion 缺乏興趣:lack of interest;(肉體或精神上的)遲鈍,懶散:inertness 合謀,密謀:plan secretly (以武力)強制:force, threat 比...早,早于:earlier date 減輕痛苦,使緩和:less severe 無用的:useless 蹣跚:swaying 令人害怕的:causing fear;艱難的:requiring effort 競爭,爭奪:strive or vie in contest;聲明,聲稱:state as a fact 耗盡:consume entirely, complete use of;筋疲力盡:wear out 有偏見的:biased 構成整體所必需的:essential;完整的:not lacking any part 排放:give off;釋放,使獲得自由:set free;解雇:let go from office 道德規范:governing conduct 盜用:appropriate 特立獨行的人:not conform accepted standards 不老練的,不成熟的:lacking, experience 違反,反對:violate, oppose 使驚恐:consternation 少得可憐的,微不足道的:small 細讀:examine with great care 錯誤的,不正確的:containing error 使肥沃,使多產:make fertile 隱蔽的,秘密的:not shown;隱秘庇護所:avoid others 多才多藝的,全能的:different things;易改變的:fluctuating readily 迥然不同的:distinct, different dissimilar 逗弄,激怒:persecute, exasperate; 引誘:lead away; 誘餌:something, luring 放肆大膽的,無禮的:boldness or disregard 輕率,無禮:unbecoming levity

不悅,生氣:feeling of being offended or resentful 權力,影響力:influence 對小事吹毛求疵,挑剔,表現不滿:peevish criticism, objections, express dissatisfaction, ti 誓言:formal promise 笨拙地行動,掙扎:act clumsily 有力量的,有活力的:productive activity 正直:moral standards 胡扯:talk foolishly 強壯的,健壯的:free from infirmity or illness;拖,拉:cause to follow 反對改革的,極保守的:opposition to progress 輕微暗示,小提示:slight indication;略知:vague notion 恐懼:fear 代理的,取代的:substitute for another 刺耳的:discordant;震驚的:strong emotional reaction 訣竅,聰明的做法:clever 復制品,復制:exactly like something else;易受騙的人:easily deceived;欺騙:deceive 熟練的,精通的:advanced competence 鄉下人,頭腦簡單的人:awkward or simple person;鄉村的:open areas with few buildings;粗俗 減輕:subdue, reduce, intensity or severity 固執的:obstinate 未出現的,缺乏的:not present;不專心的,走神的:lost in thought 偷竊:steal 刺探,打聽:inquire closely, curiously; 例外的,特別的,非凡的:uncommon, extraordinary 妨害,破壞:hinder a cause;從事破壞活動,阻止:practice sabotage 扶墻:supporting, wall building; 為···提供支撐的證據或者信息:provide evidence or infor 占優勢的,更重要的:superior importance 懇求:plead persuade, ask urgently 一致的,能共存的:in harmony 混亂的,不整潔的:lacking in order, neatness 不感興趣的,不熱情的:lacking heart 崇高的,莊嚴的:high moral;(因為杰出、尊貴、美麗等而)令人驚嘆的:inspire awe 羞恥,使喪失名譽:damage reputation, disgrace;懷疑,不相信:not true, real 自命不凡的,浮夸的:grandeur;宏大的:greatness 使非常痛苦:cause pain 辛辣的,刺鼻的:harsh, taste, odor; 刻薄的:wit, cause hurt feelings 合并,融合:whole, fuse 仔細瀏覽,仔細研究:read or study attentively 旅游癖:impulse to travel 熟知的:having information;精通的:exceptional knowledge 不斷糾纏或騷擾:harass, persistently 極其不喜歡的:dislike strongly 單調的,無聊的:dullness and monotony 懶人:lazy person;緩慢行走:move slowly 混亂:disorder, confusion 經常發生的,復發的:frequent recurrence;習慣性的,不可能改變的:not likely, change 重申:state again

使就職:induct into an office;開始:begin 喧鬧,暴亂:public violence (地位、功能)對等的人或物:same function or characteristics 馬屁精:flatter 貶低,貶損:lower standing 膽小的:fearful 美味的;令人愉悅的:pleasure or contentment 建議:give advice; 責備:reprove gently 考慮不周到的,不體諒的:inconsiderate 使滿足:appease;主題:major subject of interest;內容,內涵:idea that is conveyed 加冕,加冕禮:crowning 即將發生的:soon to take place 激起,喚起:bring out 贊許的:expressing approval;有利的:promote 傳染的:communicate;(情緒等)喚起共鳴的:exciting a similar feeling 貶低,降低價值:diminish;使分心:draw attention 狂喜的,狂熱的:pleasurable emotion;全神貫注的:deeply absorbed 畏縮:cringe 惡化,墮落:sinking 不斷煩擾:disturb, repeated 孤獨,避世:being alone 可以達到的:within easy reach; 可以理解的:understood; 能夠獲得的:get 止痛劑:relieves pain; 無感覺的,麻木的:lacking awareness or sensitivity 預言者:presages 使重生,使復蘇:bring back to life 清晰地表達:clearly, distinctly; 表達清晰的:able, express, clearly 應得的,理所應當的:what is called for 斷言,肯定地說出:declare, forcefully, aggressively 自然積累,沉積,礦藏:accumulation;存錢:put in account 剝奪:taking away 嗜好,迷戀:strong inclination 騷動,混亂:agitation, commotion 市儈(注重物質而鄙視智慧或藝術的人):guided by materialism 皺褶,褶裥花邊:strip edge;使粗糙:destroy smoothness;擾亂,打擾:disturb 主席臺,嘉賓席:raised platform 復制品:exactly alike;復制:make a copy;重復,反復:do over or again 易彎曲的,柔軟的:supple;易受影響的,溫順的:easily influenced 逃避工作和責任:shirk responsibilities 謹慎:discreet, circumspection;自制,節制:checking 方言:nonstandard language;非正式的,口頭的:suitable for speech 責任:liable;障礙,不利條件:creates difficulty 假設,前提條件:starting point;假定的:assumption speculation 宣告無效,取消:legally invalid; 抵消:balance, ineffective 嗜食者,大胃王:excessively fond of eating 使皺,弄皺:form creases;打亂,使不整齊:undo the proper order 未完全發展的,未發育成熟的:lacking complete growth;(思維、舉止)不夠成熟的:lacking mat 非法入侵;違反;冒犯:enter unlawfully offense

抗議,抱怨:expression of protect, complaint 工具:device;執行,實施:carry out 符合常識的,有依據的:common sense, sound 不精確的:not precise 反效果的,阻礙預期目標的:not producing desired goal 浸泡(以軟化):soaking or steeping 顯然的,明顯易懂:understanding;顯現,顯露:make evident 飲品,尤指有酒精飲料:beverage;適于飲用的:suitable for drinking 沮喪,懊惱:mind 意志,自愿選擇的行為:making one's own choices 提綱,摘要;課文、演講或研究課題的概要或提綱:summary 蹲伏:lower stance 自卑,自謙:humiliation 粗俗的,沒有品位的:lacking in refinement 收割,收獲:receive 相關的,恰當的:relevance 工作室,畫室,攝影室:working place of a painter 點燃:set fire to;激起,喚起(感情):arouse the passions 值勤表,花名冊:list of personnel 妨礙,給…制造困難:impede, create difficulty;阻擋:prevent passage 不育的:incapable, producing; 不產生結果的,無效的:no results; 貧瘠的:deficient; 極度匱乏 人群,獸群:creatures massed together;聚集,集體行動:travel in a flock 聲稱...為真,肯定...屬實:valid or confirmed 審查并刪除不良的東西:examine, delete 出(聲),說(話):articulate;完全的,絕對的:entire (尤指對神的)尊崇,尊敬:respect (在事實和宣稱之間的)差異或矛盾:divergence, disagreement (數)不可約分的:incapable factored 憂郁的,陰沉的:lacking in cheer;諷刺的:sardonic 友情:friendly 稀疏的,稀少的:less plentiful 對…用蒸餾法提高純度:increase, purify;(使)滲出;(使)滴下:fall drops 預知,先見:knowledge before 表示異議,反對:opposition, objection;猶豫:doubt acceptability qualm 榜樣的,值得效仿的:being a pattern, imitated;作為警告的:warning 大量:considerable amount;(不情愿地)小口咬:in small bites 兇惡的,惡毒的:desire to inflict;猛烈的:violence or ferocity 友善的:friendly, amiable 幽默,令人發笑的事物:comical or amusing;迎合,遷就:comply with 威嚇:frighten 以挑釁的形式搭訕:challenging or aggressive way 含義模糊的:not clearly, veiled, uncertain meaning;平凡的,不知名的:famous;使模糊:indi 緊張,不安:panic, nervousness 芳香的:fragrance 傲慢,自大:overbearing pride (發表)長篇大論:long pompous 運輸:transport;傳遞,交流:communicate

爆炸:explosion; 一陣猛烈的強風:gust; 巨響:loud, sound; 炸裂,爆破:cause to break open; 不斷煩擾,騷擾:distress, harass 惡意的:cause suffering;誹謗:utter injuriously (使)上漲:rise up to a higher place or position 和藹的,溫和的:ease, friendliness 監禁,困于…之中:confine 低俗的:crudeness 彬彬有禮:courteous, politeness 征兆:sign or warning;預示,預言:predict 合作的:cooperating 頑強的:able to withstand;愿意冒風險的:willing to take risks 誘騙:lure 黯淡無光的:without light;憂郁的:low spirits 永恒的:continuing or enduring, forever 有很大食量的,貪吃的:huge appetite;貪婪的,如饑似渴的:insatiable 聯合抵制,拒絕參與:concerted refusal 慢吞吞地說:speak slowly 肉體的:not spiritual;有形的,實體的:not immaterial (尤指因為丑聞而出名的)名人:widely known something bad;壞名聲:ill fame 極端的,劇烈的:unrelenting intensify;激烈的,爆發性的:bursts of destructive force;兇猛 無價值的,微不足道的:importance;讓人厭惡的,讓人鄙視的:loathing and disgust 愛開玩笑的,好打鬧的:joking or teasing 激起,挑逗,引誘:excite 自大的,自鳴得意的:opinion of oneself;整潔的,有序的:good order 迅速:promptness;發送,派遣:one place to another;使死亡:deprive life;獲勝,勝過…:vi 善變的;多才多藝的:diversity, variety, versatile 保守陳述:restraint 使稀薄:make rare 費時間花心思的:requiring 子孫:descendant 非正統的,異端的:unorthodox opinions 邋遢的,不整潔的:lacking neatness;混亂的:lacking in order 下降,衰退:lower state;使聲望下降,使黯然失色:diminish importance;(在數量、品質上)超 極其殘酷的,十分嚴厲的:harsh 智者:enlightened;精英:best of a class 邊界,界限:outer limit 調停者:mediates 多刺的:full of thorns;棘手的:difficulties 拖延的,磨蹭的:cause delay procrastination 隱藏的,秘密的:secret, illicit, improper 吝惜,節省:be frugal 廢品,碎屑,遺骸:product disintegration, destruction, debris 匯集,交匯于一點:move toward one 裙樓,副樓:auxiliary building;添加,合并:join;吞并,奪取(土地等):incorporate 巨額:abundant amount;無損壞的:unmarred 躲閃,躲避:avoid adroitly;使無法理解,使困惑:escape the perception 過濾:pass through a filter;去除雜質:remove impurities

阻礙:check, obstacle; 不愿接受,拒絕:unwillingness 稱贊:public acknowledgment or admiration;贊揚,贊頌:approval 逃避,規避:keep away from 喜歡,傾向:attraction 無盡的,無限的:no boundaries 縮短,縮小:shorten;在不改變本意的條件下刪減詞語,縮寫:shorten 俗麗的,花哨而庸俗的:gaudy 大雜燴,混合物:mixture 頑固的,保守的/頑固的人,保守的人:determined, devoted/opposes change, refuses new ideas 貧窮的:no money 綁架勒索:detain unlawful force 逃避責任(的);逃避責任者:shirking responsibility, shirks duty 打破;打碎,破裂:part 使重獲新生,使煥然一新:bring back to life;(使)洗心革面:better in character 阻撓:oppose 獨特而奇怪的習慣:odd or peculiar habit 邊緣的:near a border;不重要的:not of central importance 不考慮后果的,大膽魯莽的:careless 摩擦:rubbing;沖突,不和:clashing; 痛苦,悲哀:sorrow 外來的,后天的,非內在的:not inherent or innate 手稿:written by hand 杰出的,值得尊敬的:worthy of respect;可怕的:arousing fear 衰落,頹廢:deterioration, decline 固執的:sticking to an opinion;無法平息的:not capable of being appeased 限制 巨大的:size, degree, immense 即興而作:perform with little or no preparation 無憂無慮,不在乎的:freedom from worries or troubles;風度翩翩的:polished and worldly man 徒勞的,無果的:producing no results 偷聽:listen secretly 進入權,進入許可:means of entering or participation;使入迷:wonder, enchantment 入侵:hostile entrance 粗俗的,愚鈍的:unrefined 妨礙,阻礙:slow the progress of (從墓地里)掘出:take out 贊美;吹捧:praise 譴責:morally wrong or evil;痛恨:dislike strongly 文盲:unable to read and write 所有權:ownership;私營的:privately owned 芳香:pleasant smell;激怒:extremely angry 贊頌之詞:praise 永恒的:infinite duration, everlasting, perpetual 飄蕩,漂浮:float 口吃,結巴:speak with pauses 分離成多部分或多片地:separate parts, pieces; 分離地:apart 清晰明了的:clearness and lucidity

深奧,深刻:abstruse 混亂,無秩序:lack order;使混亂:undo order, arrangement 揮金如土的,揮霍的:wasteful;敗家子:spends money freely;墮落的人:below the normal mora 罪惡的事:highly reprehensible 臭名昭著的:bad reputation 缺乏機智圓滑的,缺乏社交技巧的:lacking tact;不敏感的,麻木的:not responsive 干枯的,凋萎的:dried, withered 撤回,宣告無效:annul 過時的:old-fashioned;腐臭的:stale odors 生氣,慍怒:resentment 笨手笨腳的:lacking dexterity (情緒)善變的:changeableness of mood 摒棄,拒絕:reject with disdain 增補,補充:complete for a deficiency 典范,榜樣:ideal; 先驅,鼻祖:earlier; 原型:copies 服從的,順從的,恭順的:submitting 驅逐:exclude 輕松地行動,輕松地通過:smoothly, continuously, effortlessly 典范,模范:pattern 尖銳而嚴厲的批評:critical 蹣跚而行。不穩定行走:to lurch or swerve;狂奔,快速運動:rush 沉默寡言的,話少的:disinclined to talk 特權,權力:right, power, privilege 摘要,概括:short statement, main points;代表,體現,是…的典型范例:represent a typical 被排斥或鄙視的人:despised or rejected 欺騙:deceptive 偷偷尾隨:secretly trail;遮蔽,(使)變暗:gloomy 貶損,傷害(某人的)名譽:lose honor, respect, reputation;弄臟:dirty 猛擊:forceful blow;攻擊,用力擊打:strike violently;抨擊,嚴厲批評:criticize harshly 慷慨的:liberal in giving 不穩的:lacking stability 兇兆的:omen, evil 小溪,小河:smaller 貧窮:dearth;吝嗇,節儉:frugality 一致同意:general agreement (使)凋謝,(使)枯萎:become wrinkled;凋謝的,枯萎的:dried up 馬屁精;拍馬屁:flatters, gaining favors 急切渴望的:enthusiasm; 貪婪(錢財)的:eager, for material possessions 暫時性的,嘗試的:not fully developed 禮節:conformity socially acceptable;適當,得體:suitable or fitting 漩渦:violent whirlpool;混亂、動蕩的局勢:turbulent 機敏,精明,不冒犯:keen sense, maintain good relations 藝術鑒賞家,專家:masterly skill;經驗豐富的,技藝精湛的:exceptional knowledge 方案,計劃:specific plan;凸出:extend outward;預測,預計:based on present data or tren 無憂慮的,不在乎的:free from concern 賄賂,收買:give, money 可塑的,有延展性的:malleable;易受影響的:easily led

轉交,轉移(給他人):control of another 定額供應量,配給量:amount allotted;按比例分配:share or portion 沉思的,(尤指)哀思的:thinking 自然變化,變遷興衰:natural change 長篇抨擊性演講:long scolding;挖苦,諷刺的指責:ironic, satirical 煽動,激起:provoke 利己的,以自我為中心的:centered in oneself 微小的痕跡;小痕跡:smallest trace (使)感到悲傷:deep sadness 表達同情:sympathetic 干燥的:little or no precipitation;無趣的,無聊的:lack of interest 恐嚇,威脅:frighten 混合物:something composed;混合的:consisting;混合:together;擴大,增多:greater;和解: 與···和諧一致,符合:accord, agree 機智的回答:witty response;打趣,善意的玩笑:good-natured teasing 爭吵,吵鬧:physical dispute, noisy fight 非常討厭,極厭惡:dislike; 令人厭惡的事物:someone that is hated 疏忽大意的:failing care 表面上的,佯裝的:appearing to be true 清晰,清楚:clear, lucidity; 清澈透明:easily seen through 悲傷的:expressing sorrow 易變的,不穩定的:unstable 匆忙的:careless speed;促使,導致:cause to happen 廢墟:discarded, useless material 巨大的:great in size;驚人的,了不起的:astonishment 無害的:no injury;乏味的,不會引起敵意的:not arouse 促進:speed-up, accelerate 貶低;輕蔑地說:lower, disrespectful 癖性,愛好:inclination 糾纏,糾結:twist;咆哮,怒吼:to anger 明喻:comparing two unlike things 枯萎,凋謝:become sapless 熄滅:put out;弄濕:wet 嘲弄:mockingly 使苦惱,使悲痛:pain, trouble, distress 大失敗:complete failure 膠狀的粘的:glue 過分守禮的:prudery 豐富的,大量的:abundant 許多,大量:large number 大膽魯莽的(人):foolishly;不考慮后果的:a lack of concern for the consequence 專制統治:overbearing control 截短,縮短(時間、篇幅等):shorten 清真寺:worship Muslim 辛苦勞動:arduous 邊緣:border;與…接壤,位于…的邊緣:be adjacent 夸張滑稽地模仿以嘲弄他人的文學藝術作品,惡搞:make fun of

野蠻的,兇殘的:mercilessly; 未開化的:uncivilized 測量(深度):measure the depth;徹底理解,弄懂:come to understand 安慰,慰藉:alleviate, comfort 緩慢地行進:slowly;匍匐前進:body close to the ground 清晰地說:articulate;公開宣布,宣稱:openly or publicity 終點,終點站:end 深奧的:abstruseness (帶嘲諷的)模仿:imitates with satirical intent;大雜燴:hodgepodge 頑固的,固執地堅持的:sticking (對己)放縱的,(對他人)縱容的:given to indulgence 傷心的,沮喪的:sad, dejected (使)改變立場或態度:alter a position; 停止抵抗,屈服:cease resistance 使分離:separate 幻想:imaginative fiction;產生幻想:form a mental picture 雜交品種,混合品種:mixed origin;雜交的:parents of different races 常去的地方:socializing;臨近的地區:adjoining region 恢復意識:return to consciousness;再獲新生:active again 剽竊,抄襲:steal ideas 致力,投入:obligated, impelled; 確信:belief; 承諾,表態:revealing one’s view 嵌入:enclose 效仿并努力超越:excel through imitation 暴君:oppressively or brutally 相關的:relevant; 關于,有關:having to do with 魯莽,冒失:foolhardy, recklessness;行動躲躲閃閃以爭取時間、躲避爭論等:act evasively 好兆頭的:toward a happy outcome 合乎邏輯的:logical;理性的:based on reasoning 斜視,睥睨:glances sideways 并排地:in line;熟知的:knowledge of recent developments 同意,贊賞:approval; 贊揚:praise 不服從的,倔強的:disobedient 聰明的,有洞察力的:deep understanding, intelligent (對倫理、法律準則的)破壞:breaking, moral or legal code; 違背:fail to keep 敦促,力勸:urge strong 不情愿的,討厭的:reluctant 利他主義:unselfish 偷竊:steal 標記上雜色斑點:mark spots 敏銳的:sense slight differences;洞察力強的:deep understanding 譴責,責難,批評:express unfavorable opinion 不明智的:lack of good sense or judgment (使)下船(飛機、車等);卸(客、貨):unload, from a ship or an airplane 光滑的:slide;隱秘的:acting in secret;意義不明確的:not precise in meaning 輝煌成就:success 值得尊敬的:admirable 取代者,替代品:takes the place of another;取代,替代:take the place of 有權勢的人:has the power 鄉下人,天真純樸的人:inhabitant of a rural area

不可滲透的,不可穿透的:impossible to get through;難以理解的:incapable of being comprehe 好心的,仁慈的:kindness, gentleness; 無害的:not causing 笨蛋:stupid 無權,虛弱:lack of power 沒有同情心的:devoid of pity 禁止的,阻止的:prohibit, restrain;(價格高得)抑制購買的:purchase 缺乏特征的:lacking distinguishing characteristics 聲稱為真:state, forcefully; (態度強硬而明確地)聲明:state clearly 熱情,狂熱:great warmth 埋葬:place in grave 脾氣壞的、愛抱怨的人:irritable and complaining 否定:opposite 垂頭喪氣的,沮喪的:depressed (用繩、鐵鏈)拴系、束縛:fasten, restrain;能力或忍耐力的極限:limit 地方性的:to a particular region 煽動,激起:arouse; 使不安:trouble the mind, disturb 混雜的,富于變化的:variety 使飽足,充分滿足:satisfy fully 攪渾,使混亂:stir up;激怒:displease 水渠:passageway for water;海峽:between two land masses;將...導入,投入:move to a cent 墮落者,道德敗壞的人:unprincipled person;墮落的,放蕩的:morally corrupt;譴責,痛斥:co 增加、提高(力量、財富、地位、聲譽)等:enhance 誘騙:win over by coaxing 說話含糊:utter confused 粗俗的,無教養的:crude;口頭的,非正式的:suitable for speech 摘要,概要:outline, abstract, summary 不易被感染的,有免疫力的:having resistance to infection;不受影響的:not affected by infl 不合理的:unreasonable 使傾向于:tendency incline;處理掉(與of連用,dispose of):get rid of, throw out;有序地布 快速繁殖;激增:grow or multiply by rapidly offspring 解雇:dismiss;釋放:free;不承擔責任:freeing obligation, responsibility 喧鬧;喧嘩,噪聲:loud, inharmonious 可感知的:capable perceived;確鑿的,真實的:real or concrete 僵硬的,無法彎曲的:lacking suppleness;(在社交場合)缺乏優雅的,不自在的:lacking social 治療的,有療效的:treatment disease 大草原:treeless grassland 補充:fill again 五顏六色的:lustrous colors 無所不知的:complete knowledge 改變方向:change;(使)分叉,散開:different directions central;分歧:different, differ; 滋補的,有益健康的:stimulating vigor, beneficial 不平衡的,不對稱的:no balance, symmetry 閑蕩,虛度光陰:spend time idly;拖拖拉拉:slowly 容忍:put up with;贊成,推崇:favorable opinion;沉著,冷靜:evenness 簡樸的,節約的:simplicity 新手,初學者:new 未出現的,缺少的:not present;未達到要求的:not being up to standards

(顯得)狡詐的,(顯得)欺詐的:deceitful character 涉獵,對…淺嘗輒止:superficially 無固定形狀的:definite, shapeless; 不可歸類的:unclassifiable 表面的,膚淺的:lacking depth 寵愛,溺愛:excessive indulgence 反應敏捷的,聰穎的:sharp quick thought;整潔的:strikingly neat;感到疼痛,感到痛苦:suff 詭計:deception to conceal (使)逐漸變細:become narrower, thinner;逐漸減少,減弱:diminish gradually (帶著憂傷而)渴望的,懷念的:yearning or desire with melancholy 根除,消滅:killing off 游牧的;居無定所的人:no fixed residence 衣衫襤褸的:threadbare clothes;凹凸不平的,不光滑的:not smooth 不普通的,不平常的:out, ordinary; 反常的,不正常的:departing 加速:faster; 使提前發生:earlier; 變大,變多:greater (帶有欺騙目的地)模棱兩可地說,說謊話:equivocal 堅持細節的人,一絲不茍的人:insist on exactness 召開,召集:bring together in assembly;聚集,集合:come together 報復,復仇:retaliating;為...復仇:retaliating in kind 快速地行動:move or act with speed 驅逐出境:leave, country; 趕出:force out 彎曲的:winding 瘋狂,狂怒:mental agitation (言辭)刻薄的:scathing 使安心,打消疑慮:restore to confidence 感覺,知覺:sense;轟動事件:intense interest 無法逃避的,必然的:not to be avoided 不愉快的,不幸的:unfortunate;不恰當的,不合時宜的:not appropriate (語言等)浮夸的:extravagantly, bombastic (尤指自言自語的)獨白:without addressing a listener 可寬恕的:easily excused 放縱:constraint;放縱:unrestrainedly;放棄:withdraw;停止做某事:put an end to 創造,發動促進:cause beginning;剛入門的新手:person initiation 脫離,拖出(組織、團體、聯盟等):withdraw from an organization 辛辣開胃的:pungent taste;令人振奮的:provocative 固執的:in spite of persuasion;難以減輕或治愈的:mot easily subdued 活潑的,快活的:lively 有效的:produce a desired effect 退化的,發育不全的:simple structure 夸張,廢話:go beyond the facts 動機,刺激源:motive;勸說,游說:pleading with someone to accept 偽裝(防止被認出):prevent recognition;隱藏,掩飾:secret shut off 輕信的,易受騙的:gullible 偵察,勘查:make a preliminary inspection 污點,壞點:spoils the appearance;破壞,削弱:impair 沉默不語的:inclined to be silent;不愿意的:slow to begin 無法阻擋的力量的,摧毀一切的強大力量:overwhelming force 簡潔(以至于顯得粗魯或難以理解的):minimum of words, concise

連結:connection;核心,最重要的地帶:greatest importance 散播,傳播:spread, promulgate 簡短解釋:brief explanation, obscure;(欺騙性的)光鮮外表:attractive appearance;敷衍潦草 宗教,信仰:beliefs;(對于宗教信仰的)忠誠,虔誠:loyalty to God 嘔吐出:discharge, vomit;被迫放棄:give up 疲憊的:depleted in strength;厭倦的,沒興趣沒熱情的:patience exhausted 垃圾,廢物:discarded, useless 催眠的藥劑,安眠藥:induces sleep;催眠的:cause sleep;慵懶的,困倦的:sleepiness or leth (有共同愛好的)團體,幫派:united by a common interest 寓言故事:story teach a basic truth;神話,傳說:story of supernatural happenings;謊言,虛 虛構的事物,幻覺:made up 表明:make known 使偏向:turn;扭曲,變形:twist;曲解:alter the meaning 利用:utilize 恰當的,合適的:suitable, appropriate; 有傾向的,可能的:tendency, likely; 聰明的:intelli 聲明無罪;開脫,使無罪:clear fault guilt 辛辣的,諷刺的:use of wit cause hurt feelings 多管閑事的:thrusting oneself 深入調查:penetrating investigation 彌漫,充滿:throughout 殘酷的,無情的:no abatement or severity;固執的,不肯妥協的:yielding in one’s purpose 樸素的,樸實無華的:simple;嚴肅的,令人生畏的:stern and cold 否認:declare false;反對:oppose 光輝燦爛的:resplendent 不容反抗的:not allowing contradiction;愛發號施令的:ordering people;傲慢的:feeling of 陳腐的:hackneyed (使)變得朦朧,(使)變得不清楚:vague; 使不易理解:unclear to the understanding 謙遜的:meekness, modesty;順從的,謙卑的:humility or unseemly submissiveness 集中:focus;濃縮:less dilute;聚集:together 重罪:grave crimes 使復雜化:complex or difficult 尖酸刻薄的:cause hurt feelings 責難,攻擊,抨擊:attack as false 有浮力的:floating; 心情好的:good mood or disposition 真正的,確實的:not false 猛罵,猛烈抨擊:revile or scold 抱怨的,愛發牢騷的:complaining 痙攣(強烈的、無法控制的肌肉收縮):involuntary contraction;騷亂:disturbance 磨蹭,閑蕩:proceed slowly 輕蔑,鄙視,不屑:reject contemptible (情況等)倒退,故態復萌:revert to a worse condition 陳腐的:hackneyed;貧窮的:lacking possessions;破爛的:worn or torn 威嚴的,嚴重的:formal and serious or reserved manner;盛大的,令人印象深刻的:large and i 轉移(注意力),使分心:draw, direct different;使焦慮,使不安:trouble, uneasy;瘋狂的:i 傾盆大雨:heavy rain 替代品:takes the place 違背,犯錯:fail to keep, commit an offense

無生命的:not living 罰金:punishment 摻雜,加入低等成分:impure, addition 含糊不清地說,雜亂無章地說:rapidly, inarticulately;笨拙地行動:clumsily 用輕薄材料制作的:light;(內容等)快樂輕佻、不嚴肅的:gaily frivolous 輕視,忽略:dismiss;脫下(衣物等):rid 依附,粘著:stick; 服從,遵守:according to the commands; 堅定地支持:steadfast support 不切實際的,空想的:more by ideals than by reality 任命:establish rank 迷宮似的,復雜曲折的:extremely complex structure (帶有威脅性地)揮舞:shake menacingly 逐漸增長:grow, gradually 離題(的),不相關(的):irrelevant 海市蜃樓,幻想:illusory 支付報酬,補償:pay 阻礙物:something, movement, progress difficult; 阻礙:difficulty; 堵塞:prevent, through 豐富,大量:abundance;揮霍,浪費:wasteful 廣闊的:great expanse;健談的,外向的:open, talkative, effusive 喜愛,因···感到愉悅:pleasure; 寵愛:tenderness 不成直線的(地),歪的(地):awry 要點:main point 使某人擔負:load 提供營養:nourishment;培育,培養:provide with understanding 離題的;散漫的:passing 疏忽的,不留心的:carelessness 調整,使標準化:standardize; (根據標準)精確測量:measure precisely 死板的,極度保守的:tending to favor 討人喜歡的:winning favor;逢迎的,意在奉承的:gain favor 重要關頭,分水嶺:turning point 削弱,損害:reduce the value;(在道德、審美上)降低,墮落:debase in moral 仔細檢查:observe great care 使確定方向,使熟悉或適應:determine position, make familiar 煞費苦心的:diligent care 原始的,最初的:happening first 禍根:ruin; 有害物質:kill or injure a living thing 做出反應:in response 錯綜復雜的:complicated, secretive, interrelated (使)分成兩支:two branches 充滿生機的,有活力的:activity; (言辭或方式)尖刻辛辣的,刻薄的:keen or sharp 有創造力的,機智的:act imaginatively 趕出,逐出:expel 蹣跚,顫巍巍地行進:progress unsteadily 雕刻:three-dimensional representation; (通過長期不懈努力)開創,開拓:produce or bring a 使衰弱:impair strength 壓縮(體積):reduce size, volume 風度翩翩的,吸引人的:attractive 起緩和作用的:less intense

裝模作樣:intended to deceive; 動作字謎:represented in pantomime 敵意:spiteful, malevolent, enmity (急切地)懇求:beg 采石場:stone is obtained;目標,獵物:pursuit 欺凌弱小者:intimidating manner; 最好的,最棒的:best 最重要的:chief importance 遲鈍,麻痹,無知覺:suspended sense 免責,免受處罰:freedom from punishment 催人淚下的,悲傷的:mournful 不習慣的,不尋常的:not habitual, ordinary, unusual (因為懶散)拖延:put off laziness 奢侈的,大量的,無節制的:extravagance and profusion;揮霍,浪費:give readily carelessly 努力,奮斗:conscientious or concerted effort;努力做,拼搏:devote serious and sustained 平息,減輕:less severe intense 最關鍵的,最為重要的:greatest possible importance 不同尋常的洞察力和鑒別力:exceptional discernment and judgment 高傲的,傲慢的:haughty 裝飾,點綴:make more attractive 召集開會:bring together 思索,沉思:focus 仔細分析:examine, analyze minute;切成片(尤其是為了解剖研究):cut apart separate 平息,撫慰,緩和:calm 月亮漸滿:increase in phase of the moon;用蠟涂、處理或上光:coat;增大,增強:increase 無效的,無用的:ineffective;不嚴肅的:lacking in seriousness 辱罵,抨擊:condemn or vilify; 不正當的或不合理使用的:wrong or improper use; 過分過量使用 慢慢滴入:enter;灌輸:impart 狹隘(的):limited perspective 連結,混合:bring together 欠他人人情的:owing gratitude 下流的,讓人鄙視的:contemptible 威脅,使處于危險:intention to harm 粗魯的人,不敏感的人:rude 勤勉的,專心仔細的:careful 堅信:firm brief (官方地)認可,批準:official acceptance 藍圖,詳細計劃:architects’ plans; 事先計劃:work out, in advance 典型的特征:conspicuous feature 倔強的,不順從的:resisting control 主教管轄區的:diocese 困惑,窘境:perplexity, doubt 緊繃的:not loose;整潔的:proper order, trim shape 監視,監控:close observation 公開表示反對,譴責:public, formal disapproval 混亂的:lacking in order (短暫的)流行,時尚:popular for a short time 淘氣的,頑皮的:mischievous, impish 使加劇,使惡化:severe

令人厭惡的:arousing aversion;不和諧的,不協調的:not harmony 優秀演技(的):brilliant 分歧,(意見、利益或忠誠上)明顯差異:pronounced difference 短暫的:lasting only a short time 自責,悔恨:wrongdoing 無法效仿的,獨特的:not imitated (通過邏輯)判斷:form an opinion through reasoning (嚴厲地)譴責,責罵:reproach severely 誹謗,中傷:harm, reputation 可塑的:capable of being shaped;易控制的:capable of being controlled 僥幸的:happening by good luck;偶然的:by chance (舉止、性情)粗暴:roughness; (環境)艱苦:rigor, severity 反應的,敏感的:quick to respond 異教,和普遍觀點相悖的說話:controversial or unorthodox opinion 對...有利:necessary, proper, advantageous (與…)部分重疊:same area 使衰弱:weaken;使麻木:deprive of emotional vitality 平滑的,有光澤的:smooth surface 可移動的:capable moving;可變的:changeable 鎮定的,從容不迫的:not easily upset 茫然的,愚蠢的:lack of intelligence 不妥協的,固執的:refusal to compromise 艦隊,車隊:group of a vehicles;迅速的:with great speed;快速涌過:pass swiftly (時常伴有夸張和想象內容地)詳細說明:give elaborate account 鎮痛劑:medication, reduce, eliminates pain 慈善的:charity 冒名頂替者,騙子:assumes false identity 超乎尋常:surpassing usual (機器等)自動的:independent of external influence;自發的,情不自禁的:spontaneously or 非常堅固的,堅不可摧的:unbreakable 少量:small amount 魅力,吸引力:charm 提升,加強:improve;種植,培養:promote growth (花、植物等)萎焉:limp or flaccid;精神萎靡,憔悴:fatigue or exhaustion 吹噓:boastfully 減輕:緩解:assuage 詼諧幽默的人:humorous;擺動:move to and fro or up and down 躺著的:lying down (對罪行的)處罰:punishment 冗長乏味的道德演講或訓誡:admonition 非原創的:originality 隱藏,隱瞞:prevent disclosure (使)枯萎:affect; 損害:impair 噓(以表示不滿或嘲笑):contempt, scorn, disapproval 磨快:sharpen 顛覆:overturn 潦草地書寫,亂寫:meaningless

干凈的,純凈的:free from dirt;完美的,沒有任何錯誤的:without fault 專制的:unconstrained; 無限的unqualified; 完美的,純凈不慘雜的:free from imperfection, mi 凈化(書等),刪去(不當處):remove 不自信的:lack self-confidence;內向的:reserved 公開指責:public or formal disapproval;宣稱…道德上錯誤、可恥:morally wrong 挫敗,阻撓:prevent;使沮喪:lessen the courage 絕食,齋戒:abstaining from food;快速的:quick;忠誠的:firm in one’s allegiance;穩固的 證詞,聲明:authentication 阻礙:restrict the movement, impede 繁重的,費力的:requiring much time, effort (尤指撅嘴或板著臉)表示不悅:show displeasure 熟悉的:familiar 有關的,適當的:relevant 制造假象,裝出…的樣子:give a false appearance 徹底放松的狀態:disregardful or unconscious;天堂,極樂世界:utter perfection and happines 商量,談判:by mutual agreement;謀劃:plan out (使)荒廢:ruin 活力,力量:vigorous strength 沒有教養的,沒有禮貌的:impolite 使窒息:killed by lack of air;抑制(表達,說出),壓制:refrain 感情泛濫的/溢于言表的;感情表達不節制的/過度的;過分多情的:unrestrained in emotional exp (堅強的)意志,勇氣:power of endurance;給予勇氣,鼓勵:give courage 突然移動:move sudden;驚嚇:unpleasant surprise 撤銷,廢除(法律等):rescind or annul;宣布與…決裂:refuse to recognize 小點,少量:small amount 水煮:cook in a liquid (通常盲目)崇拜:admires intensely 跳起,跳躍:propel oneself upward;一躍而至:leaping suddenly 擺出高人一等的姿態的:patronizingly superior 頂點,極點:highest; 最佳典范:most perfect type 雜色的,斑駁的:different colors 面具,偽裝:display insincere;偽裝,掩飾:disguise 精明的,聰明的:careful and shrewed 使沮喪,使失去信心:lose spirit or morale 產生相反的結果,事與愿違:reverse 為...平反,為...辯護,使無罪:free from blame;證明,證實:give evidence (通過讓步以)平息撫慰:lessen the anger 明智的:sensible 供應不足:inadequate 善變的:not constant;異常的,不同尋常的:different from the ordinary 妥協:concessions;使危險:danger 憎惡:abhor 不喜歡:unfavorable opinion;貶低,輕視:express scornfully;降低…的重要性,使低調:play v.縮寫,縮短:briefer 輕浮的態度,戲謔:frivolous 疾病的,疾病所致的:by disease;(思想性格)變態的:unwholesome thoughts (當眾)嚴厲批評:criticize; 就···作過度的說明,喋喋不休:explain, excessively

易怒的,暴躁的:angered; 生氣的:anger, irate 堅持,持續:lasting existence 簡短,簡潔:shortness; 精煉:few words 得體的,遵守禮節的:following the established traditions 削減開支:curtail expenses (使)改變信仰:change religious faith 無關緊要的:consequence, inconsequential 外號,綽號:descriptive name 先驅者,先導:precedes 直接對抗,直面:face to face 惡毒的,邪惡的:desire to cause someone pain 使嚇一跳,使大吃一驚:frighten or surprise 派系:a party that is often contentious (感情、動作的)突發:outburst;(政治、社會領域呃)大動蕩:disturbance 對稱:balanced proportions 牢固的,不可動搖的:withstand stress without structural damage;健康的,強壯的:free from 涌入:coming in 匿名的:not named, identified; 無特色的:lacking individuality 明智的:wisdom, judiciousness, wise;小心謹慎的,審慎的:circumspection 極陰暗的:extremely dark 小缺點:minor flaw 怨恨,仇恨:ill will 易怒的,愛發脾氣的:easily irritated 除去:ger rid of 粗糙的,不具有美感的:coarse rough disagreeable sense;嚴厲的:exacting 信徒,追隨者:follower 吹毛求疵的,愛挑毛病的:stress faults and raise objections 擊打:hard strike;猛擊,撞擊:strike with force;捆扎:bind 有益健康的:promoting health;有利的,利好的:promoting well-being 爭執:argument 不可變的:not capable of changing 溫室:greenhouse;藝術學院:school arts 意見不合:difference, disagreement 虛弱的:weak;(意志)薄弱的:weak;(希望)渺茫的:slight 回顧的:looking back 突然下降:descend suddenly;插入,刺入:penetrate 尊敬:regard with respect 撇(嘴),(使)收縮:contracted 隔離:isolation 沒精打采的,行動遲緩的:sluggish 嘲笑:derision, mock;狼吞虎咽:eat greedily 動蕩的:disturbance;湍急的,洶涌的:turmoil 笨拙的:lack of nimbleness 證實:support with proof;使實體化:give material 博學的:learned 言詞簡略的,直接(以至顯得粗魯)的:direct, brief, and potentially rude;言簡意賅的:conve 不合邏輯的:not following good reasoning;不重要的:no significance

對...暫緩處刑,免罪:postpone or cancel punishment;維持...的運行:prevent from being clos 節儉:avoid waste 固執的:resistant influences;冷酷無情的:lack of sympathy 厭惡,反感:aversion, dislike;令人反感的事物:objection of aversion 仆人,奴仆:servant;卑賤的,低下的:spirit of humility or unseemly submissiveness 使知道,啟發:inform, instruct;(在道德或精神上)進行教育:provide moral understanding 勤奮認真的:careful perseverance 替補演員:take another's duties 弄皺:bend;(因外力擠壓而)垮塌:fall down 應得的,恰當的:deserved 機智,智慧:ability to understand;智者,有智慧的人:intelligence 連接,聯合:unite 婉言,委婉的說法:inoffensive expression (良心上的)不安:uneasy feeling about the rightness 大搖大擺地走,趾高氣昂地走:arrogant, pompous;自夸,吹噓:boast 丟棄,投棄:cast 下降:downward;世代相傳:pass by inheritance 巧妙地操縱:guide with adroitness and design 節儉的,節約的:careful restraint;不足的,缺乏的:less plentiful 厚臉皮的,不知羞恥的:rude boldness; 華而不實地炫耀:showy 任人唯親的,對好朋友的偏袒:favoritism friends 惡意篡改,損害:mischievously;玩弄:rashly or foolishly 停止:put an end to 麻木的,沒有知覺的:sensation;遲鈍的,行動遲緩的:slow 偏離正常標準:away from standard;改變方向或者路線,繞道:change direction 粘合:attach physically 包圍,圍攻:to surround; 使困擾,使煩惱,使消沉:trouble 骯臟的,不干凈的:not clean;卑鄙的:baseness 分離的:breaks or disunity 同意:approval 幻想中的:不真實的:in the imagination;不切實際的,荒謬的:without regard for reason 無根據的,無理由的:unwarranted;無報酬的,免費的:without return;多余的:not needed 隱士:lives away;隱居的,不愛社交的:withdrawal from society 暗示的:implied, not actually expressed 一分為二,分割:division into two 摸得到的:capable touched;明顯的,易覺察的:obvious 嚴寒的:cold;冷漠的:lacking warmth 特征,特點:distinguishing characteristic 潤飾,改進:improve 小聲的話語:low sound;低聲抱怨,發牢騷:grumble 褻瀆圣物:profanation sacred 剛愎自用的,不服管束的:following one's own inclinations 吸引:attract or delight; 誘惑做(某事)lead, pleasure or advantage 不言而喻的,心照不宣的:understood though unexpressed;無疑問的,無保留的:without doubt 躲避(問題):evade 炙烤,烘干:burn, make dry 永久的:enduring

隨機的,隨意的:lacking pattern 緩慢的,遲緩的:slowly;延后的,遲的:delayed 擔保,聲稱為真:give a guarantee 辭職,放棄(職位):give up office 外表:superficial;(由內而外散發的)氛圍,氣場:appearance or aura 合適的,恰當的:convenient 笨拙的:lacking, nimbleness, lack, skill; 不文雅的:lacking, grace, inability, graceful; 不 扭曲的:twisted, bent;堅持錯誤的:stubborn to wrong 補償,賠償:for some injury 簡要記錄:write briefly 秘密的:secret;含義模糊的:ambiguous meaning;超出理解能力的:beyond one’s powers to kno 哲學上的,理論上的:idea;非塵世的:beyond universe 陳詞濫調:hackneyed 極力贊揚:praise 追捧,把...捧為名人:celebrity 使聯合,統一:join together;加固,使安全:make firm 隨行人員:group of retainers 探查,勘探:go into discovery;期待,期望的事物:looking forward to 狂飲:drink greedily 畏縮;退縮:draw back 狡詐的,狡猾的:deceptive means 畏縮:shrink back from pain 彎曲的,扭曲的:turned, twisted; 走樣的(地),出差錯的(地):off, course 聰明的,有創造才能的:resourceful, cleverness 有騎士風度的,(尤指對女性)彬彬有禮的:gracious courtesy and high-minded consideration 令人身心振奮的,提神的:renewing effect 鼓勵,使大膽:instill courage 亂修,亂調整:thoughtlessly 淡定的,安靜的:free from agitation 實施:put into effect;產生,造成:be the cause 后代:deriving directly from 存貨清單:list all goods;(包含要點的)簡介:short statement 喜悅的:joyful 機智的短詩,警句:short witty 煩擾:irritate persistently;耗盡…的體力:use up 優秀模范:example;把…比作,顯示相似:compare 嚴肅的:serious-looking;節制的:restraint;有理有據的:sound reasoning 緊貼,堅持:adhere;分隔,割裂,劈開:divide (社交上)失禮,失態:social blunder;明顯的錯誤,錯誤判斷:blatant mistake 機敏的,有洞察力的:shrewdness, perspicacity 不正常的,病態的:markedly abnormal 可能出錯的:erroneous (使)傾斜:at an angle 巡游的,四處游歷的:place to place 擰,扭動:wringing or twisting movements;辛苦地獲得:gain with difficulty 下陷,下沉,減弱:tend downward 否決,禁止:forbid, prohibit

公正的,無偏見的:free from selfish, unbiased;沒有興趣的:lack interest, concern 和睦,友好:friendly relationship 輕微燒焦:burn superficially 思鄉之情:homesick;懷舊,懷念:sentimental yearning for return 重建,(尤其是通過加水)使復原:restore by adding water 騷亂,暴動:disorderly, disturbance (未經證實地)散播(消息):make, the subject of common talk 撤回,放棄,改變:withdraw a statement 沼澤,濕地:wet 敢于面對困難的勇氣:courage;彈奏(弦樂):strings pulling releasing 不重要的:unimportant;名義上的:something in name 加條紋:mark with striations 少量:small portion 衣冠整潔的:strikingly neat and trim 不敬神的:lacking reverence (聲音)洪亮的,共鳴的:strong in tone 難以做到的,費勁的:difficult 損毀,使傷殘:injury;弄砸:ruin 愛好冒險的,大膽的:take risks (尤指小的)瀑布:small fall 校對:find errors and mark corrections 悅耳的:pleasing 界限,邊界:marks the outer limit;繞行,避開:go around (信仰上)虔誠的:devotion to divine worship;忠誠的:firm in one's allegiance 難聞的氣味:offensive smell;沒有的副產品,廢品:by-product waste 預謀:think about beforehand 柵欄,圍欄:enclosure;監獄:confinement (大量)供給,供應:supply 像糖一樣的,有甜味的:sugar;做作的,矯情的:appealing to the emotions 寧靜的,平靜的:free from;繁榮的,豐富的:affluent 支撐(物):provide support;鼓勵、使有精力:boost 記性好的:retain knowledge or information 連鎖,連結:joined closely 可滲透的:penetrated 愚笨的,昏庸的:foolish 虛弱的:weak in body;不果斷的,優柔寡斷的:lacking firmness of will 說粗話的:vulgar 抨擊,嚴厲批評:criticize harshly;攻擊,猛攻:violent action against 積習的:firmly established 偏愛,偏袒:special favor 極端愛國激進分子(通常表現為好戰的對外政策):extreme nationalism belligerent 宗派主義,頑固:adherence prejudices 證實,為...作證:give evidence 天使般可愛的:rosy 極差的:poor in quality;沮喪的:dejected 搖搖擺擺地走:tilt the body from side to side 嚇住,威懾:prevent, discourage

束縛:restrictions;限制,阻礙:create difficulty 贖罪,彌補:amends 嘲笑:make fun 絕望的:no hope 極為神圣的,不可侵犯的:most sacred 勤勉的,辛勤的:steady, earnest, energetic 以物換物:trade, without 難以發現,捕捉,分離的;含糊其辭的:equivocal 腐蝕性的:destroy slowly;諷刺性的:sarcastic; 故作姿態的,不真誠的人:affected insincere 疲憊:weariness or exhaustion;(讓人厭倦的)苦差事:causes weariness 使有斑點,弄臟;玷污,損壞:spot 切碎:small pieces;小步走:short steps 詭計多端的,欺騙:deception 彩色的:colors 蠻橫大膽的,厚顏無恥的:contemptuous boldness; 大膽自信地去面對或從事:bold self-assurance (對于宗教)虔誠的:devoted to religion;忠誠的:allegiance 許可,認可:approval;自由:move freely;放蕩:disregard for standards;準許,授權使用:pe 使精神,使強壯,鼓舞激勵:impart vigor 樂于助人的:do favors 類似的;具有相似或相近的起源、本性或性質的:similar origin 正式提出:offer;考慮周到的,關心同情的:sympathy consideration 使蒙上污名:disgraceful or ignominious 不服從權威的:not submissive 窺淫狂:observing unsuspecting individuals 禮貌的,謙恭有禮的:polished manners 偷聽,竊聽:get information 使和解,協調:harmony 鄙視,嘲弄:ridicule;以嘲笑為目的的模仿:derisive imitation 無影響或無價值的人:no importance, influence; 計算(價值):determine, mathematical operat 閑置的,未使用的:not turned to use;懶散的:lazy;懶散度日,無所事事:without working 使鎮定:calm; 組成,構成:form, constitute 教條主義的,照本宣科的:strongly held opinions 忍受,容許:tolerate; 小溪流:creek 突然下降:decline suddenly 促進,鼓勵,培養:help the growth;養育:bring to maturity 極為謹慎的:extreme or excessive care 仿真的,偽造的:in appearance;滑稽地模仿(以取笑):copy or exaggerate;模仿:model 放蕩的,行為不檢的:lowered moral character 保護措施:prevent accident;保護:make safe 批準,同意,許可:make valid;制裁:coercive measure 怒斥,訓斥:criticize 滅絕的:no longer existing 移民,移居海外:leave 危險的,不穩定的:lacking security, stability;可疑的,不明確的:uncertain 喧囂,騷動:noise 連接:become joined

緩和,減輕:relieve, lessen 敬畏:dread, veneration, wonder 專業術語:special terms or expressions 仇視(或畏懼)外國人(或外國事物)者:fearful of what is foreign 暴怒:violent anger 愚笨的,荒謬的:lack of judgment;不恰當的,不合時宜的:not appropriate;不稱職的,無能力的 濕透的:penetrated by water;使...濕透:wet thoroughly 人口普查:survey, population 豐滿的:well-around;鼎力支持,贊不絕口:give full support 政治上的獨立:self-governing; 自我主導的自由,(尤其是)精神獨立:independence 折磨,使痛苦:pain 表示憐憫,同情:sympathy 枷鎖,限制:limits one’s freedom;束縛:restrain from motion 加強,激化:make intense 純凈的,質樸的,未被文明腐蝕的:pure, free from dirt or decay 老兵;有豐富經驗的人:knowledge through long experience;經驗豐富的,資深的:knowledge, ex 結果:produced by cause;重要性,價值:importance 懶人:lazy person (尤指低聲地)抱怨,埋怨:complain 吸引人的,極迷人的:absorbing engrossing 冷漠:indifference 撫慰,減輕:make less tense 古老的:from the distant past 巨大的:tremendous; 混亂,動亂:disorder 重要,重大:greatness in significance;巨大:greatness in size 精力旺盛的:active strength;強健的:withstand hardship 跟隨者,信徒:follows;(狂熱。堅定的)擁護者,支持者:excessively devoted;偏袒的:one si 激怒:make furious 非常丑陋的:ugly 在空中:in flight 陳詞濫調(的):hackneyed 小爭吵:petty quarrel 和諧一致的:in agreement;全等的:coinciding 非原創的,陳腐的:trite 無關的:no relevance;非主要因素的:not essential 使無效,抑制:render futile 時常拜訪:often;時常發生的,重復再現的:short intervals 壓制,鎮壓(運動):stop by force;擊潰,使無言以對:put down or silence 幻覺的,虛幻的:illusion 敏捷的,輕盈的:grace;柔軟的:easily bent 健談的人:talkative 限定:reduce general;使有資格,使有能力:make competent 賭博,孤注一擲:bet;(使)受到威脅,冒險:in danger 自滿,無憂患意識:self-satisfaction, unawareness of trouble 諷刺:harsh satire 冷靜的,無感情的,淡漠的:calm, sluggish temperament

有光澤的:shiny 吹毛求疵的人:petty criticism 聲音刺耳的:harsh;容易生氣的:easily irritated 微不足道的:trifling or trivial 通俗的,大眾化的:common 謠傳,誤傳:misleading 頂部,浪尖,山頂 萬能藥,萬靈藥:remedy for all ills 快而不清楚地說:talk rapidly, indistinctly 極老的:extremely old 不顧:set aside 奉承的,屈從的:obsequiously 接合,疊接:unite 虛偽的:not being what one appears to be 突然的,劇烈的:sudden or violent (使)厭惡,(使)作嘔:cause disgust 友好,社會和諧:friendly, harmony 有斑點的,花的:marked with small spots, mottled, spotted;色彩斑斕的:two or more colors 權威人士,專家:opinions authoritative 紅潤的,健康的:healthy rosiness 溶解融化:solution;解散:break into parts, disintegrate;驅散;(使)消失:cease visible; 吉祥的:favorably happy outcome 缺乏特征的:lacking distinction 揮霍家,敗家子:spends improvidently;揮霍的,不節儉的:spending money freely 揉捏,塑造:shape by folding 不能被摧毀的:impossible to destroy;不朽的,永恒的:occurring forever 幸災樂禍,自鳴得意:self-satisfaction 安慰物:placate or soothe;賄賂,回扣:improperly influence a person's conduct;浸濕,濕透 使用策略的,機智的:tact 整理(羽毛):smooth feathers;打扮修飾:dress oneself elaborate;自滿:take pride 戰勝,獲得勝利:achieve a victory 凝固,固化:solid state 質問,審問:question formally (缺乏常識的)笨蛋:lacking in common sense 騷亂:disturbance 公理的:axiom; 不言自明的:self-evident 連續不斷的:without any interruptions 講究禮節的,莊重的:careful attention to set forms 少量,缺乏:dearth 好斗的:attack; 強有力的,強烈的:forcefulness 打褶:fold 不可救藥的,積習難改的:incapable of being corrected;無法管制的:impossible to control 失去感覺的:devoid of sensation;麻木的,無感情的:devoid of emotion 撕裂,猛拉:tear or split apart 同行,護送:go along with 嘲弄性質疑,挑釁:challenge, jeer at (長時間)嚴厲指責:scold, vehemently, at length

粗野的人:rude, boorish; 吝嗇鬼:mean, stingy 離奇的,奇異的:extraordinary or abnormal 天真純樸的:lacking cunning;坦白的:straightforward 低迷,中斷:inactivity;情緒不佳:low spirits 虛無縹緲的東西:insubstantial;輕薄的,薄弱的:light 仔細檢查,詳盡討論:examine carefully or discuss thoroughly; 游說,去(一個地區)的各處或找 無關緊要的:not having relevance;粗魯無禮的,大膽的:insolent rudeness;不守禮節的,不為他 平靜的,靜止的:quiet, inactive 緩和,減輕:lessen, intensity; 平息,撫慰:pacify, calm; 使滿足:satisfying 鬼鬼祟祟的;秘密的:stealth 哀悼:sorrow 前提條件:starting point;假定為真:assume true 皇家身份:regal character;版稅;專利權稅:payment 被淹沒的:by water; (如洪水般)泛濫的:filled, covered, overrun 專制的,暴虐的:tyrannical 正直:moral integrity 使排成一行:line; 調準,校準:adjust 撕開:tear apart 建議者,支持者:support 延期,休會:suspend; 不規律的:lacking, regularity 寵愛:pamper 雜亂無序地發展;蔓生,蔓延:irregularly 可食用的:eaten 環境,氛圍:physical or social setting 鎮壓:put down by force;阻止(正常的表達、活動或發展等):prevent expression 多產,肥沃的:fruitful 突然改變方向:turn aside abruptly 固執己見的,堅持(錯誤觀點)的:stubborn in adherence 致敬,打招呼(表示歡迎和禮貌):greeting;贊揚:praise 謬誤的,不合邏輯的:containing fallacy;欺騙性的:tending to deceive 寬大仁慈的:merciful 和諧一致的:agreeably related 有效的,顯著的:effective 玷污:morally bad 回到原先的習慣,尤指重新犯罪:return to criminal habits 使沮喪:lower the spirits, dishearten 使順從;征服:conquer 不可戰勝的,不可超越的:incapable conquered 大災難:disastrous event 使復活,使蘇醒:restore consciousness 雙關語:humorous 非常重要的,決定性的:extremely significant 屈服:yield to superior strength;死亡:death 值得惋惜的,悲哀的:deplorable 抵制:fight against;使厭惡:cause aversion 制定或頒布(法律):establish

使不安:disturb composure, perturb;使混亂:undo order, arrangement 陳腐的,陳詞濫調的:hackneyed 過時的,久遠的:no, current, antiquated 模糊的:indistinct 使擾亂,使煩躁不安:trouble the mind 固執的,不可動搖的:unshakable, unyielding, inflexible 懷疑的,不信任的:suspicious 反抗權威的人:rebels against any authority 突出:project 錯誤的描述,誤述:picture falsely; 證明···為假:false, wrong; 掩飾:shut off from view; 英勇的:brave, chivalrous;高貴的,慷慨的:dignified and generous 愚鈍的:absorb ideas readily 批評,反對:criticism 愚勇的,魯莽的:foolishly adventurous; 缺乏判斷力的,不明智的:poor judgment 將...分成各種等級:divide into classes 走私,私運:importation or exportation contrary to the law (舉止、言語)下流粗鄙的:vulgar 微小的,弱小的:inferior size, weak 吹毛求疵:criticize, cavil;牽強之詞:微不足道的差別或不切中要點的異議,小反對:minor obje 杰出人物:eminence 召集,召喚:call together;傳喚(出庭、出席):command to appear in court 每日的,平凡的:commonplace 陰謀:a secret plan;激起…的興趣:arouse curiosity 缺乏靈活性和技巧的:lacking dexterity; (處理問題)缺乏手段和智謀的:a lack of skill and t 淺的:little depth 令人羞愧的事物,恥辱:causes shame;批評,責備:express criticism 放逐:removal from a country 稱贊,頌揚:speak in high praise of 使無效,使無力:ineffective 錯覺,妄想:false 享受,極其滿意,過得快活:take pleasure in 盛行,戰勝:greater in strength 使習慣接受不好的東西:accustom;使堅強:withstand physical hardship 迂回的,不直接的:not, forthright, direct; 冗長的:more, necessary 禍害:source of harm 誘使:tempt, lure 誹謗,造謠,中傷:false statements 熄滅:put out;使滿足:put a complete end to 世俗的,塵世的:worldly or temporal 空洞的:lacking significance 鼓掌,認可:approval (像用魔咒般)吸引:hold the attention 有償付能力的:able to pay debts;溶劑:another substance is dissolved 使膽怯,嚇到:to lessen the courage 仿制的,假冒的:imitation;仿制:fraudulent replica;偽裝成:false appearance 逐漸消失的,短暫的:vanish 突發的洪水:sudden flood;大量:large number

退卻,畏縮:shrink back 溫和,和藹:geniality 缺點,污點:imperfection; 損害,玷污:reduce 歡跳,雀躍:playfully 喚起,引發:call up 分解,分拆:pieces, destroy integrity 輕視,不理睬:contempt or neglect (通過證據)證明,表明:make clear using examples;使明白易懂:make plain or understandabl 意外發現珍奇(或稱心)事物的本領:by accident 新奇的:new 邊緣,邊界:outer margin;充滿:full often to overflowing;加滿,倒滿:as much as can be 起初的,初現的:beginning to come into being 笨蛋:stupid 攻擊:force or violence;鑄造(獎牌):form by stamping;擊打:deliver a blow;襲擊,攻擊: 使困惑:uncertainty;無法區分,混淆:fail to differentiate;證明為假,證偽:false 收回,否認:take back 背教者,叛徒:rejects allegiance 催命的,催眠術的:mesmerism;令人著迷的,難以抗拒的:attracting 十分激動的,非常不安的:agitation;(裝飾、文風等)過分華麗的:excessively decorated 無趣的,無生氣的,不活潑的:impassively 活的:有活力的:life; 使有活力,支持:high-spirited energy; 使行動,驅使:action; 使活靈活 有害的,有毒的:harmful, injurious to health;產生強烈厭惡的:causing intense displeasure 貌似真實的:appearing to be true (不間斷的)連續演出:course of performances 膽小的,不自信的lacking courage, self-confidence (色彩等)彌漫,染遍,充滿:spread through 騙子,裝懂的人:fraudulent 有害的:harmful 提供住處,隱匿:provide habitat;心懷,牢記:keep in one’s mind 專橫傲慢的,自以為是的:superiority 不機智的,笨拙的:inconsiderate, indiscreet 打擾,惹惱:disturb 短暫的:very short time 偽造:imitate falsely;鑄造,鑄就:form; 區分:perceive distinguishing, recognize;歧視:difference (在道德上)譴責:morally wrong or evil;非常地,極其地:great degree (通過逃避而)不遵守:avoid having to comply with 裁決,判定:settle 禁閉,監禁:imprison;限制:limits 不自然的,刻意的:lacking spontaneous quality 費時間花心思的:requiring much time, effort 流行的,普遍的:commonly accepted 帝國的,帝王的:empire;巨大的,令人驚嘆的:impressive in size 合作:work jointly 服從的,順從的:submissive authority 敵意:mutual hatred 使濕透,浸透:wet thoroughly

仲裁者;裁判員:impartially resolves a dispute;(就糾紛或爭論)給出意見:give an opinion 責備:scold mildly 氣化:gas; 小雕塑:small statue 驚愕,恐慌,恐懼:paralyzing dismay (因為懷疑、恐懼)猶豫:hesitate; 笨拙地做:unskillful way (在道德、智力、文化水平上)提升:improve;使興奮:raise spirits 短暫的,瞬時的:transitory 使滿足:desired please 漠視,不關注:no attention;缺乏興趣,缺乏關心:interest concern 寧靜的,風平浪靜的:free from storms;冷靜的,淡定的:free from agitation 互補的:supplying each other's (政治上的)統治:lawful control 敵意,深仇:ill will 沉積物,尤指降水:deposit, rain, snow;倉促:disorderly speed 抑制;扣壓,不給予:refrain from giving 熱愛冒險的人:seeks our very dangerous or foolhardy adventures;大膽的,魯莽的:foolishly 用假象隱藏真相,掩飾:false 屢次重申:repeated 不情愿的,反感的:showing unwillingness 擦掉,抹去;使不明顯:make indistinct 惡臭的:unpleasant smell 腐蝕性的:destroying, eating away; 挖苦諷刺的,刻薄的:incisive sarcasm 分等級的,等級制的:classified 拘留,扣留:hold, keep 使全神貫注:occupy exclusively 放棄宗教信仰:renunciation, faith; 變節,背叛:abandonment, previous loyalty 魯莽的:without deliberation 過時的:passed its time of use 無趣乏味的:not interesting;幼稚的:annoying qualities children 先決條件,前提:necessary to an end 肉體的,物質的:physical; 世俗的:worldly 看似有理的:superficially reasonable v.發誓放棄:rejecting,abandoning;v.抵制避免:resist 愛好,偏袒:disposition favor 護衛隊,護送者:accompanying another;同行,護送:go along with 節約的:economy 有光亮的:suffused with light;神志清楚的:full use of one’s mind;表達清晰的,簡單易懂的 實現,完成:completion 壓制:suppress;使平靜,使安靜:pacify 一致,和睦:harmony, agreement (聲音)漸強:gradual increase;(漸強之后到達的)頂峰:peak 徒然的,無效的:not productive 結果,后果:traceable to a cause 永恒的,持久的:forever 挑剔指責的:critical 突然移動,猛沖,狂奔:suddenly;公開侮辱:intended to hurt another’s feelings

趾高氣昂地走:walk pompous;支柱,壓桿strengthen a framework 順從的:submissive 能動的:movement 使絕緣,使隔離:detached situation 違背,違反:failure to uphold the requirements 惡魔一般的:devil 使...疏遠:unfriendly, hostile, indifferent;轉讓,讓渡:convey or transfer 注意細節的,一絲不茍的:attentive details 不結實的,松弛的:lacking firmness 使滿足:satisfy 修復,維修:restore;使重獲新生,使煥然一新:bring back to life 顯而易見的,明顯的:readily visible 含糊不清的:obscurity;橢圓的:ellipse 拒絕承認,否認:disclaim (使)非常痛苦:deep sadness 使充滿勇氣和力量,使振作:courage or strength 好斗的,好爭論的:aggressiveness 粗魯的:awkward, stupid and boorish 完全對立的,相反的:direct and unequivocal opposition 簡潔的:brevity 小過失:slight error;結束,終止:end 敏感的:susceptible 混亂而無意義的話:confused or meaningless talk 短小有趣的故事:short narrative, interesting, amusing (面對困難時所表現出來的)毅力:endure pain or hardship 可感知的,明顯的:perceptible 凸起:protuberant; 比賽中的優勢地位:more favorable condition; 暴漲,突增,在數目或數量上突 編織(紗線):interlacing yarn with needles;連接,聯系:join closely 難駕馭的,不守規矩的:difficult to discipline 簡潔的,簡明的:brief 不吉利的,不詳的:calamity;可怕的,恐怖的:fear;迫切的:immediate, urgent;悲慘的:lacki 活力,精力:energy 不可滲透的,不可穿透的:not allowing entrance;不能被破壞的:not capable of being damaged; (儀表上的)指針:scale indicator;忠告,建議:suggestion or hint 隱語,黑話,行話:specialized, particular 固執己見者,有偏見的人:obstinately devoted 共同完成的:accomplished together 易受攻擊的,脆弱的:open to attack 搞笑的,歡樂的:joking, playful 土產的,本地的:originating;與生俱來的,先天的:innermost nature 遵守:confirm, hold to something firmly;支持:steadfast support (使)磨損:roughened by wear;腳步拖沓:move heavily 可察覺的:being perceived 縫合:joining 謙恭的:humility;順從的:submissive 令人愉悅的:pleasing to the mind or senses;隨和的:easygoing and pleasing manner;相一致: 尖酸刻薄的:harsh insulting;好戰的,好斗的:eagerness to fight

拒絕(合作),阻撓:uncooperative, obstructive 諂媚的,奴性的:fawning attentiveness 詆毀,污蔑:scornfully 不能根除的:impossible destroy 故作羞澀的:flirtatiously shy or modest;不愿與人交往的,內向的:tending to avoid people 揭穿…的真面目:true nature;證明…為假:false 廢除,取消:make void 合成,綜合:combination 感到高興:joy or triumph;自鳴得意:pride in one's own possessions 平民的,社會下層:low social or economic rank 長篇抨擊性演講:angry censorious or denunciatory 無報答的,無報酬的:not reciprocated 分裂,不和:break friendly;使開裂:break 使神圣,將...敬為神:make holy 嘲弄,嘲笑:contemptuous mirth 透明的:permitting passage light, transparent 使轉向:turn, deflect;使消遣:agreeably;使分心:draw something else 亂涂,潦草地寫:write carelessly 引起爭論的:argumentative;好爭論的,好戰的:tendency quarrels (數量上)可觀(而值得注意)的:large;值得考慮的,重要的:significant 書呆子,墨守成規之人:formal rules 刺激的:powerfully stimulating 友好關系,親善和睦:friendship, friendly 大暴雨:drenching rain;大量:great flow 可憎的,十惡不赦的:hatefully 戲劇的,演員的:relating to actors 克制,忍耐:tolerance and restraint;友好仁慈的態度:kind, gentle or compassionate treatme 丑陋的:unpleasant to look at;(道德上)可鄙的,卑鄙的:morally despicable 現存的:not destroyed, extinct 平息,撫慰:lessen the anger;調解:compatible, reconcile 支撐,支柱:supports 次要的細節,小事:minor detail 頂點:highest point 不履行義務,玩忽職守:nonperformance 盟友,支持者:association; 加入聯盟:enter 難以理解的:not easily apprehended, mysterious;使隱藏或神秘:keep secret 貧窮的:impoverished 一滴一滴地流,緩緩地流:fall in drops 灌輸,使…充滿:fill;鼓舞:inspire 刻痕:cut;通過努力獲得:obtain 勤奮的:industrious;費力的:long, hard work 領航員,飛行員:steer a ship;初步性的,試驗性的:tentative model;帶領通過:lead 鼓勵的:exhortation 博學之士,學者:learning 倡導者,支持者:advocates;實踐者,典型代表:full realization 霸權,統治權:preponderant authority 遷移的:moving from one region to another

稍縱即逝的,短暫的:for short time 勉強同意;默許:accept, tacitly or passively 過失:error, mistake; 在···方面犯了很愚蠢且通常很嚴重的錯誤,糟蹋:make a stupid, error 香油,止痛膏,安慰物:sweet-smelling oil, soothe; 香氣:pleasant smell 外來的,不同尋常的:unusual 排列,陣列:arrangement;排列,擺放:arrange or display;裝飾,裝修:dress or decorate 使不安,使混亂:upset, confuse 茅屋:small wretched dirty 傾向,癖好:inclination 改變...的位置:change position;改變,變化:pass from;交換:in return 起哄,使難堪:harass 相似的,可比較的:in common 靜態的;停滯的:lack of movement;無改變的:little change 入學;錄取:admit or be admitted 分離的:breaks disunity 可行的:being done 調解,調停:bring about an agreement 額外的好處:given in addition 突然劇痛:sharp unpleasant sensation 串通,共謀(做壞事):together secretly, fraudulent, deceitful, conspire 使偏斜,使轉向:turn aside from a straight course 焦慮,內疚,良心不安:anxiety, guilt 稱贊,恭維:praise; 敬意,免費贈送的禮物:respectful 常去拜訪:frequent;不斷地想起,縈繞心頭:obsess 有緊密聯系的,親密無間的:close association;不為人知的:not known;密友:person who has a (人)懶惰缺乏活力的;(物品)惰性的:sluggish, deficient (技術、設備或原料等的)詳單:complete list 徹底放棄,拋棄:renounce 清楚響亮的:loud, clear 巨大的:enormous size;笨拙的:clumsy 危險: risk, danger 情感爆發:sudden intense expression 脾氣不好的:churlish in mood 狂樂,喧鬧的作樂:noisy partying 震耳欲聾的:distressingly loud 非常精確的:extreme precision;精確定位或確認:identify with precision (小說的)結局:final resolution 尋回,找回:get back again 雜種的,混血兒的:mixed origin 安靜的:free from uproar;穩重的,鎮靜的:unaffected, calm 無憂無慮的生活:carefree episode 使慌亂:put into agitated confusion 有粘性的;有凝聚力的:cohesion or coherence 使變黯淡:make dark, dim;(在重要性上)超越,超過:exceed in importance 取消,撤銷:revoke 否認,反駁;與...相矛盾:contrary (使)變形:change

真誠的,不做作的:without pretense 不喜歡,厭惡,不情愿:lack willingness, desire 蹣跚,不穩定地行走:unsteadily;猶豫不決:uncertainty (尤指長時間的)訓斥,責罵:angry scolding;怒吼:noisy, angry or violent manner 非常好笑的:extremely funny 極小的:very small 使高興;使興奮:cheerful, excited 極度諂媚:praise too much 禮儀,得體:appropriateness, propriety 閃耀:sparks 不尋常的,非凡的:out of the ordinary 預防接種疫苗:produce immunity (頗有野心、自高自大的)演說:high-flown or pompous manner 把…當作神來崇拜:offer honor or respect to;過分喜愛:love or admire;尊敬,尊崇:high st 涂淺色,微染:slight coloration to 曲解,篡改,混淆(以至使無法理解):distort misleading;篩選,除雜:remove 緊急的:immediate 無經驗的:deficient experience 莊嚴,嚴肅:solemn 抑制,限制:keeping within certain boundaries;抑制,控制:keep from exceeding 混亂的人群;暴民;下層群眾:disorganized crowd of people 鋸齒狀的:notched 使開心,使自豪:fill with joy 振動,搖晃:swing;猶豫,變化:vary 減輕(程度或者強度):reduce,degree,intensity;減少(數量),降低(價值):reduce,amoun 分裂,分離:break apart 酷熱的:hot 使協調,使和諧:into harmony (吃喝等)有節制的,節儉的:restraint, food or alcohol, sparing 使迷惑,使困窘:perplex 初始的,未發展的:earliest development;最根本的,基礎的:first principles 經過計算(成敗得失)的,經過深思熟慮的:reckoning or estimating 緊繃的:tight;嚴格的:marked by rigor 蠱惑民心的政客:leader false claims 使穩定;變得穩定:make or become stable 耐力:moral strength; 腐敗的,感染的:putrefaction 遺產:handed down ancestor (使)飽足(的),過分滿足(的):satisfy fully 物質的:having substance;有重大意義的:considerable in importance 缺乏,窮困:lack 尋找:search 反復無常的:sudden illogical changes 促使…行動:persuade 扭曲,歪曲:twist 下級的,次要的:lower rank;征服:under one's control 夸大的言辭:pompous

急流的:rapidstreams 吝嗇的:penuriousness 鐵石心腸的,冷酷無情的:a lack of sympathy;使變硬:physically firm;使習慣于(如艱苦或尷尬 延長,拖長:lengthen, prolong 熱衷,狂熱:intense enthusiasm 破壞,毀壞:destroying 信任,信賴:mental conviction of the truth;表揚,贊揚:acknowledgment or admiration 欺瞞:deceitfulness;掩飾,假裝:present a false appearance;虛假的:fake 可塑的:modified;虛假的,做作的:lacking in natural 深刻的理解:apprehending nature 不可剝奪的,不能讓與的:cannot be transferred 延期,暫緩施行:suspension 改造,改變結構:alter the structure 透明的:capable of transmitting light;沒有歧義的,清晰易懂的:not subject to misinterpret 將…研磨成粉;將…徹底摧毀:complete end 預先考慮:consider beforehand 使消聲:deaden the sound 延長,拖延:lengthen 崇拜者,信徒:fervently devoted 大災難:tragedy; 徹底的失敗:utter failure 使僵化,使失去活力:become stiff 熱情奔放的:zestfully 裁縫匠的,裁縫的:clothes 為了給人留下印象而表演,嘩眾取寵:impress 愉快的:good-mannered, jollity, conviviality 小河,小溪:small stream 沉思,仔細考慮:consider 大廈;大建筑物:massive structure;基礎,基本結構:basic form 固有的,內在的:essential 謹慎的,小心的:careful 倒退的:moving backward;退步,退化:decline 偏袒的,偏愛的:biased;部分的,不完整的:lacking 強烈吸引,使入迷:hold an intense interest 配額,限額:proportional 欺騙,騙取:cheat 難以理解的:recondite (在數量或價值方面)降低,減小:reduced;(使)本能性地退卻(如因遇到使人驚恐的事物),(使 解碼:change into ordinary language;對…有清晰的想法,理解,解讀:clear idea 困境:difficult situation;使陷入困境,拖后腿:hold back 多樣性:variety, multiformity;分歧,不同點:different 邪惡,不公正:immorality, injustice 有益的,有促進作用的:promote 嚴格的,苛求的:rigorous;費時間心思的:requiring time, effort, attention 打趣:teasing (某領域的)權威人士:a high level of knowledge; 管轄權,控制:lawful control; 影響力:pow 無所畏懼的:no fear;(體魄等)強健的:strength vigor;堅定的:firm, resolute 極冷的:extremely cold;冷漠的,無感情的:devoid of warmth

細微的差異:subtle distinction (帶有嘲諷元素的)滑稽戲:broadly satirical comedy;鬧劇:ridiculous 固定不動的:not migratory 貪吃者:immoderate food 非常有害的,致命的:extremely harmful 蔑視,鄙視:unworthy of one's concern or respect 低調的,謙遜的:modest;坦誠的,自然的:free from deceive 大火:large destructive fire;武裝沖突:armed violent struggle 灌溉:supply water;沖洗:flush 閃光:shine sparkling 推理:thought processes 堅持不懈,不屈不撓:persist 豐富,充沛:more than sufficient;大量:considerable amount 缺乏遠見的,缺乏辨別能力的:lack of foresight 平凡的,不吸引人的:lacking distinctive, interesting 嚴厲批評:criticize harshly publicly 教育者,老師:give formal instruction (因長滿植物而)翠綠的,郁郁蔥蔥的:green with vegetation 正直:adherence moral;完整性:being whole 感到眩暈:from being twirled around;蹣跚地走路:swaying from side to side 校準,調校:check, adjust, determine 壯麗的:strikingly impressive 因痛苦而面部扭曲,(作)怪相,(作)鬼臉:contortion pain, disgust or disapproval 靈活的,可變的:readily changed;易受影響的:susceptible to influence 品德高尚的,正直的:showing moral excellence 障礙物:obstruction, rampart; 用障礙物阻止通過:prevent access 喜歡說教的:teach (聲音)單調的:unvarying tone;清一色的,無聊的:tediously unvarying 悼詞:composition grief;抱怨:resentment;為…哀悼,表達痛苦或遺憾:express sorrow 攻擊,進攻:attack, assault;起始,開始:begins 無懈可擊的:beyond reproach 懷疑者:doubts, questions or disagrees 與···敵對,反對:opposition, counteract; 激怒:incur, provoke, hostility 強健的,結實的:strengthen 不太熱心的:little or no interest 無法解決的問題,迷:insoluble, dilemma 降低(地位、職位、威望或尊嚴):lower 格言,警句:short witty 埋伏,伏擊:attack 帶來慰藉,安慰:bring comfort;使鎮靜,使安心:free from distress;弱化,緩解:less severe 有條件的,受制約的:dependent 識別,辨別差異:perceive, detect 節儉的:frugal, economical;有遠見的:awareness for the future 不明智的:lacking good judgment 大混亂:out of order;大范圍破壞:nonexistent unsound or useless 刺激,誘因:incites 語言上的,文字上的:words or language;言辭華麗(卻往往無內涵)的:fancy but meaningless

天真純樸的:lacking worldly experience 同意:approval 測量標準:measurement standard;判定:determine 漫步,閑逛:walk slowly, leisurely, stroll 無限的,大量的:indefinite number 誤傳,篡改:give misleading representation 非常陡峭的:steep;匆忙的:careless speed 卷數多的,大量的,龐大的:great number 無生育能力的:unable to produce fruit;無力的,無能的:lacking in power 海峽:channel joining water;痛苦:suffering 凌亂的,無序的:lacking in order 十分簡單以至于不會失敗的:leave no opportunity for error, misuse or failure 一致同意的:consent of all 大量,許多:large amount 貪財,貪婪:insatiable 失去興趣:interest attraction 系緊,扎緊:into a tight mass 夸張:exaggeration used for emphasis 預兆性的,兇兆的:sign of evil;勾起興趣的,令人遐想的:eliciting amazement 栩栩如生的描繪,簡潔生動的描述或刻畫:brief, vivid portrayal; 客串:brief but dramatic app 刺激的,開胃的:piquant 力量:ability to exert effort;(抵抗攻擊、壓力的)強度:ability to withstand force 嚴厲的,要求嚴格的:exacting standards;難以承受的,艱難的:difficult to endure 悶悶不樂的,死氣沉沉的:gloomy;嚴厲的:harsh 急切盼望的:eagerly awaiting 頑強的,經受得住困境、壓力的:able to withstand 繁榮的:prosperity 大量:ample amount 意外發生的,偶然的:unexpectedly; 附帶的,不重要的:not being a vital part 過度傷感的:sentimental 刺激,惹怒:make agitated 排泄:discharge 獨裁政府:government, unlimited power 降低(數量、力量、價值):lessen 聽力所及的范圍:range hear 重新集合,重新召集:gather or summon again 摘要:abstract;就地的,立即的:on the spot 浮夸的:ornate;傲慢的:self-importance 使緊縮:draw together 支持:support 撒謊的,虛假的:lies (用花言巧語)誘惑,哄騙:persuade by flattery 壟斷,主宰:complete control 主要的,非常重要的:foremost importance, paramount 使突然停止,阻止:arrest, abruptly; 同意,一致:agreement 做作的,夸張的,矯揉造作的:exaggerated unnatural 猶豫不決:hesitate;搖動,搖擺:oscillate

(有節奏的)舒張收縮:expanding and contracting 有彈性的:resuming shape;能(迅速從傷痛中)恢復的:recovering from depression 獲取,獲得:get as one's own 不說話的,緘默的:refraining from speech;使顏色,音調等柔和:soften;減弱聲音:muffle the 創新性的:introducing innovations 沒有實際內容的,空洞的:little substance 躲避:avoid 歡快的,高興的:sprightly lighthearted 模仿:model 和諧一致的:in agreement 有信心的,自信的:assurance, self-reliance 強烈的興奮感,快感:pleasurably intense stimulate;使興奮,使激動:excitement 有關聯的:have a relation 傲慢,自大:arrogance 同時代的,同齡的:equal age 順從的,服從的:yield, submit 調皮的,行為不端的:childish misbehavior 蒼白的,病態的:poor health 紈绔子弟,愛打扮的人:appearance;最佳的,最好的:very best kind 喧鬧,狂怒,激動,狂熱:intense excitement 充分混合:blend 正確的禮儀規范:correct conduct 指令,命令:command;(仗著地位,權力)下令:request 合金;混合物:combing of two or more different things;摻雜,降低...的純度:debase by the 輕巧精致的:lightness, highly refined, delicate;天國的:heaven;非物質的,精神(上)的:s 美食家:discriminating tastes 撤空:empty or remove;撤退:remove 一批次的量:unit; 一小群人:small number of persons 意義重大的:momentous;帶來災難的,毀滅性的:bringing death 被馴化的:reduced from a state of native wildness;無聊的,乏味的:lacking spirit;控制,抑 動作迅速:speed 無意義的話,廢話:no meaning 怒氣,怨恨:anger or ill will 切斷,分離,分裂:division 不干凈的:not clean;渾濁的,不清晰的:lacking clarity;使難以理解:make unclear 繞圈子說話:unnecessarily, indirect, evasion; 冗長:too many 深長的傷口或切口:deep cut;砍傷,切開:make gash 吸引人的:attracting, striking 必不可少的,不可或缺的:impossible to do without 添加燃料:supply fuel;增大,促進:make greater 變色龍,善變的人:changes or adopts opinions 令人心碎的:sorrow distress 昏暗的,無光的:shaded;悲傷的,不愉快的:lacking in cheer 收容所,保護所:refuge, protection 食量大的,貪食的;貪婪的:huge appetite 使變容易,促進:make easy 合并,混合:combine, unified, unite

非常懦弱的,因膽小而遭人鄙視的:lacking courage 表面的,淺嘗輒止的:lack of depth;容易的,唾手可得的:easily accomplished 忠誠的,忠實的:loyal 易彎曲的,柔軟的:bent, pliant 憂郁的:sullen, gloomy 勾勒,用線條描繪:by drawn or painted lines;描寫,描繪:describe,portray (尤指法律條文等正式的)廢除,廢棄:doing away 強制性的:compulsory;(見得多以至于)無聊的:dull 緩存裝置:cushioning device 大口地喝:drink heartily 摧毀,粉碎:destroy completely 勇敢的:stout, spirit (尤指機智的)回應,回答:quick, witty reply 快速或突然地經過:pass quickly 簡介,短文:vivid representation 凹的:curved 血統:origin, ancestry 褶皺的:folds 怒不可遏,咆哮:anger; 供應充足,充滿:copiously 有發展性的:contributing later development;創新的:creative 獨白:by one actor 有毒的:poisonous;兇殘的:destructive course 狂熱贊揚:exaggerated display of affection;(發瘋般的)怒吼:talk as if in delirium 阿諛奉承:seek favor by flattery 英雄行為:notable act;最大程度地利用:employ 廢料,廢物:discarded or useless;拋棄:get rid of;終止,放棄原計劃:put an end to 折磨,使苦惱:distress torment 倒霉的,不吉利的:not favorable, unpropitious;難以馴服的,難以駕馭的:resisting control o 剎車:less rapid 序言:preface 拖動,拉動:cause to follow;費力搬運:laboriously 涂亮漆;使具有光滑或亮澤的表面:give a glossy surface;用亮麗的表面裝飾:adorn 惡意的:deliberately harmful 難駕馭的,任性的:unruly;吵鬧的:loud and insistent cries 有害的:injurious 便利,方便:fitness suitability 極度憤怒的:extremely angry, furious 行業術語:specialized or technical language 刺耳的:harsh sound 遵從:conform, submit 可鄙的,可恥的:condemnation or reproach;悲慘的,可悲的:cause great distress 不重要的人:little consequence;虛構的東西:created no objective reality 使清醒:free from illusion 傾聽,關注:attention 削弱,破壞:weaken, injure, impair 感情夸張的,傷感的:exaggeratedly emotional 技藝超群,精通:great skill

拍馬屁,奉承,討好:praise excessively;自我感覺良好:think highly of;使顯得更漂亮:show 慣例,儀式:prescribed form 狡猾的:clever or cunning;隱秘的,偷偷的:acting in secret 艷麗奪目的,炫耀的,充滿裝飾的:strikingly elaborate 反駁,證明為假:prove to be false 污染,感染:stain 叛亂分子:opposes authority 忠誠:devotion or loyalty 滑稽可笑的:clownish 承認,公開宣稱:declaration 鄰接,毗鄰:adjacent 宏偉壯麗的:impressive 持異議,不同意:differ;反對正統:departure accepted;不和諧:lack harmony 仔細的,一絲不茍的:involving great care;有良心的,正直的:governed by conscience 突然的一場暴雨:sudden copious rainfall 衣服:clothing 暢飲,狂歡作樂:drink, freely 使緩和:lessen intensify;適度的,中庸的:within limits 和藹親切的:easygoing;友好的,熱心的:kindly feeling;溫暖的:neither too high nor too lo 小心的,機警的,謹慎的:caution 恥辱:lost the esteem 大膽的,(但往往)愚勇的:fearlessly, recklessly; 蔑視(法律、禮節)的,無禮的:contemptuo 無欺詐的,光明正大的:free from,deceit or duplicity 欺騙:untrue 身材瘦長的:tall 偶然發生的:by chance;疏忽的,不留意的:unintentional lack of care 惡臭的:offensive smell 重要的:importance;味道濃烈的:richness flavor 黯淡的,昏暗的:without light;模糊的,晦澀的:lacking clarity 熱情,興趣:desire or interest 精心打扮:adorn finicky 甜言蜜語,討某人好話:coax, cajole 警惕的,警覺的:paying close attention;嚴格遵守(規章、制度或原則)的:observing 測深度:measure the depth;垂直的:vertical;仔細深入地檢查;探索,探究:examine deeply 幼稚的,不成熟的:immature 使厭惡,使反感:fill with disgust;反叛:renounce allegiance 過分好奇的:inordinately curious 大聲喧嘩的:noisy; (讓人生厭地)惹人注目的:noticeable 給予鼓勵,鼓舞:give strength courage, encourage 無法逃脫的困境:catches and holds;捕捉:capture by 摘要:summary, abstract; 目錄,各種各樣的列表或集合:list, collection 撤退:take back 即興的,沒有準備的:without preparation 警告,告誡:warning of a specific limitation 使...濕透:make thoroughly wet 謊言:untrue, made in order to deceive 忠誠:being faithful

無感覺的,無知覺的:lacking perception;一知半解的,略懂的:not having a deep understandin 共生關系:living together 使知名:make known openly; 修飾,裝扮:make more attractive 雇傭文人:writer commercial;亂砍;開辟:irregular blows;成功完成:skillfully or efficien 恐懼,戰栗:apprehension 減少,衰退,降低:decrease 攝入,咽下:take into body 謙卑,謙遜:absence of any feeling s better 未受教育的,文盲的:deficient in the knowledge, illiterate 例行公事的,敷衍的:superficially;不感興趣的:lacking in interest 光譜,范圍,系列:sequence or range 憂慮,恐懼:suspicion, fear; 逮捕:arrestment; 理解:understand 極敏銳的,有洞察力的:penetrating mental discernment 頑抗的,不順從的:resistance defiance 瞌睡,嗜睡:needing sleep 冷漠無情的,不顧他人感受的:unaffected 分開,使脫離:set free, entanglement 平躺(的),使平躺:lying flat;衰弱的,使衰竭:weakness 懊悔,悔恨:bitter regret 不全等的;不一致的:not conforming 加固,鼓勵:give physical strength;做好心理準備:prepare mentally 使潤滑:reduce friction 捐贈人,給體:donates 永恒的,不斷的:continuing forever 單調乏味的:nothing cheer;令人不悅的:causing unhappiness 偶爾的,零星發生的:not often occurring 貧瘠的:not productive;無菌的:free from bacteria 呼吸:inhale, exhale air 一致:consistency;相符合,相一致:in harmony;授予,給予:to grant or give 超越,超過極限:beyond the limits 無可爭辯的,無法否認的,不可褻瀆的:not to be violated 沉重緩慢地走:walk heavily 誹謗,辱罵:utter slanderous statements 居無定所的:from place to place;誤入歧途的,犯錯誤的:straying proper course or standards (使)硬化,(使)僵化:hardened, conventional, opposed to change 污穢的,骯臟的:dirty;道德敗壞的:repulsive 厚顏無恥,放肆大膽:disregard, courtesy 脫離主題:turn aside main subject 詳述:give details 有世界性眼光的,包容的:worldwide 貪婪的:desirous 令人信服的:convincing; 相關的:pertinent 折磨,使痛苦:agony;感到痛苦:suffer agony 不平靜的:lack of quite (味道等)濃郁的:abundance quality;奢華的,豪華的:notably luxurious 堅持的,堅決的:continuing, slackening, yielding];固執的,任性的:sticking to 終曲:concluding passage

表達觀點;想,認為:express opinions 實行,執行:doing 假裝虔誠的:hypocritically pious 貪婪的,渴求財富的:inordinate desire 使士氣低落:dishearten;貶低,使墮落:lower in character 真實的,非仿造的:exactly; 準確的,相符的:original 允諾,給予:grant in a gracious or condescending manner 正式宣布:make known 免職:remove from;驅逐:drive out 頑固的,不屈不撓的:persistent;粘著的:adhere to 解放(奴隸):release from slavery 初學者,新手:beginner 貴族,名門望族:high birth;貴族的,地位高的:high birth (下)細小、輕柔、似霧的雨,毛毛雨:misty rain 隱忍的,冷靜的:unaffected by pleasure or pain 過分講究的,挑剔的:extremely meticulous 擴荒者,先驅者:first to settle;最初的,最早的:coming before;開創,創造:open up 序言:preliminary statement 雨篷,遮陽篷:shelter 給...著上少量的色彩:color, tint 虛假,偽裝:pretending deceive;自大,優越感:exaggerated sense of one’s importance 刺激物:provocative stimulus;令人反感的人:annoys 衰弱的,衰落的:depleted;缺乏信念的,懦弱的:lacking strength of will 不足的,缺乏的:scarcely 享樂主義:doctrine pleasure 外表,容貌:appearance 彈幕:curtain; 有壓倒之勢的、集中傾瀉的(如言語):overwhelming, outpouring; (同時)襲來: 皺眉(表現出不高興):expression displeasure 令人疑惑的,難以理解的:hard to comprehend 淺顯的,淺薄的:lack of depth of understanding 后悔,遺憾:feeling of regret 教條,信條:doctrine stated authoritatively 眩暈:dizzy 鎮壓,阻止:put a stop to 愚蠢的人:stupid person 提供所需(例如服務、借貸、寄宿):provide; 改變以適應新情況、新場景:make, suitable;使和諧 告知,宣布:make known;預示,預兆:indication of beforehand 充滿的:full;令人憂慮的:emotional distress 預先占有:seize, before others;替換:replace 迫害,折磨:cause suffering 恥辱,污名:mark of shame 打敗,征服:defeat 嘲弄:taunting words 過分正經的人:一個過分關心自己是否得體、謙遜、或正確的人:greatly concerned seemly behavio 精神狂亂的,極瘋狂的:agitated, insane 粘合,粘合劑:uniting, binding 矛盾修飾法:combination contradictory

虛度時光:doing nothing;玩樂:amusement;慢吞吞,磨磨蹭蹭:slowly 怠惰,懶惰:disinclination to action 教學的;教師的:teacher or education 邪惡的:morally bad 蜿蜒的,迂回的:irregular curves 粗心的,隨意的:indifference to exactness, precision, and accuracy 堤壩,水壩:control or confine water;水溝,水渠:long narrow channel 客觀公正的,不易被情緒或偏見影響的:unaffected 尖酸刻薄的:biting caustic 剩余物:remains 有害的:harmful; 兇兆的,兇惡的:evil; 致命的:causing death 僻靜的,隱蔽的:hidden 復制,復刻:make an exact likeness;重復,反復:do again 憂傷的:misery, grief 聲音洪亮的:loud 強調:to emphasize 破譯:interpret;對…有清晰的想法,理解,解讀:clear idea 點燃:set fire, ignite 厭惡:dislike 挽歌:solemn, mournful music 提純,精煉:free from impurities;改善,改進:improve or perfect 寓言:teach a basic truth 痛飲,大口地吃:drink greedily, eat greedily 咧嘴笑,咧嘴笑著表示:express an emotion 預言的,預示的:foretelling 感覺極其愉快:overwhelming usually pleasurable (食物)特別美味的,香的:extremely pleasing 難看的:unpleasant 盲目愛國的:excessive favoritism 公開支持,推崇:express approval 狼吞虎咽:eat greedily 簡明的,簡潔的:clear, precise 迅速成長擴大,蓬勃發展:grow, rapidly, flourish 祖先:an ancestor 排除,使不必要:unnecessary (尤指感情、態度)矛盾的:opposing feelings 巧妙操作:skillful;巧妙處理,暗中操控:deviously 卑躬屈膝:draw back, fearful submission 欺騙,討價還價:insincerely deceitfully 追求,獻殷勤:seek affections (自鳴得意地)笑:offensively self-satisfied 探究,鉆研:detailed search for information 尊敬,敬意:respect 不服管束的,倔強的:refusing 前言:preface 吸引人的:attractive, inviting 柔軟的:easily bent;敏捷的,輕盈的:move with ease

合適的:very proper 斜的:inclined or twisted 預先注定:in advance 大量的: great plenty vt.深惡痛絕,極度厭惡:extreme repugnance 管:tube body fluid;船,艦艇:watercraft 抱怨、表達不滿:express discontent;渴望:long for 行人:traveling on foot;平庸無奇的,令人厭倦的:causing weariness 千篇一律,單調:lack of variety;無聊的,乏味的:lacking excitement 用肘推以引起注意:push elbow;說服某人做某事:persuade 加快進程:speed up the progress 最低點:lowest point 過分寵愛,過分崇拜:admire too much;使崇高,使神圣:high status or value 捐贈物:without expectation of a return;慷慨:liberality 使厭惡,排斥:reject with denial 哄騙:wheedle 透明的:admitting light;清晰明確的,易懂的:clear 歪的,傾斜的:leaning;不平衡的,不協調的:lacking in balance 預言家:predicts; 出現好兆頭:signs of, successful outcome; 預言:tell, beforehand 拒絕,否認:oppose, deny 主要的,重要的:highest importance, rank 虛弱的,(走路)不穩的:weak and unsteady;無法思考的,頭腦不清的:not able to think or mo 鬼魂,幽靈:ghostly figure 演員,演員陣容:a set of characters; 選派(演員):assign, actor; 提出:give off; 拋棄:ge 助長,煽動:promote the growth 領導者,帶頭人:lead 等價的,相等的:equal 成為···的導火索,導致:be the cause of 使尊貴:noble 特有的,獨特的:exact sort;明確的:clearly expressed (使)膨脹,擴大:enlarge, expand, wide;詳細表達:more fully greater detail 彈力:resume original shape;恢復能力:ability to recover quickly 使煩惱,使惱怒:bring agitation 紛爭,爭端:differing opinions;爭吵:quarrel 陳詞濫調:banal statement;缺乏原創性:lack of originality 消毒的,無菌的:preventing infection; 缺乏活力的:lacking vitality; 冷漠的:lacking emotio (由簡單詩節和疊句組成的)民歌:poem 易怒的:easily provoked anger 過時的,被淘汰的:no longer useful 褻瀆,玷污:treat shamefully 荒謬的,不符合常理的:contrary common sense 往復運動:forward and backward;報答,回報:return 篡奪,篡位:seize power without legal authority 缺乏力量、活力、精神的:lacking force 證明...的合理性,為...辯解:prove to be just, right 忠誠的,堅定的:steadfast in loyalty 野生的:not domesticated;動物性的:nature of a lower animal

超越,強于:become better;突破(界限、紀錄等):beyond the limit 敏銳的:keen discernment; 嚴重的,急性的:immediate attention; (程度、影響)極強的:extre 其貌不揚的,樸素簡單的:not attractive 受害者,輸家: loser/victim 使疏遠,離間,使感情失和:enmity, indifference, friendliness 等價的,與...相等的:equivalent 養育,培養:provide with food;培養,促進:help with growth 使窒息:deprive of oxygen 敬禮,尊重:respect, submission 銳利的:sharp;(言辭)一針見血的:articulate 暫停,中止:bring to a formal close;懸掛:hang 有關系的,重要的:having connection 味道平淡的,不刺激的:soothing; 無趣的:dull; 溫和的,和藹的:not harsh 徹底吃飽了的:appetite completely satisfied;充滿…的,富于…的:possessing great numbers 不舒服:bodily discomfort 新兵;新生;菜鳥:recruit 統治權:right to command;占統治地位或盛行:be predominant 一瞥:brief look;輕聲:slight sound 安慰:comfort in sorrow;安慰,安撫:console 威望,聲望:mark or quality 話多的:excessive talk 專橫的,獨斷專行的:force one's will on others;獨裁的,擁有無限權力的:without interferen 卑劣的:contemptible 不開心的,情緒不高的,消沉的:unhappiness;生活境況悲催的:healthful environment 使不安:disturb 強烈反對,否定:strong disapproval 又矮又胖的:broad in build, short in stature 刺激,驅使,激發:incite rouse 外圍的:boundary or periphery;輔助性的:supply 休耕的:untilled;閑置的:not being in a state of use (有爭議的)話題,議題:matter that is in dispute;發布(期刊)等:produce and release;( 內向的,緘默的:restrained 誤解,曲解:mistake 使分開對立,使兩極分化:break into opposing 家仆:service 假推理,詭辯:deceptive argumentation 膽怯,畏縮:fear, cower 義不容辭的,必須的:obligation duty 嚴厲批評:harsh criticism v.正式放棄(權力、責任):throne (因為有罪孽或過錯而感到)后悔悲痛的:showing remorse 潛伏:lie in wait 多變的:rapid change 轉述,意譯,改寫;in different words 比喻的:denoting another 顯而易見的;吸引人的:obvious 交出,放棄,投降:give over to;使沉溺于:give(oneself)over

除去:remove 可用的,可行的:put to use;相關的,有光的:having to do with;合適的,恰當的:meeting the 歡樂,歡笑:gladness laughter 上清漆,使有光澤:smooth glossy;粉飾(令人不悅的東西):conceal unpleasant 不悔悟的:not regretful 無謂的:resolute fearlessness 乏力,沒精打采:diminished energy 秘密潛入:enter surreptitiously 冒泡:bubble;興奮,熱情洋溢:high spirits 無盡頭的:no end 去除水分,使干燥:remove water;使失去活力:deprive of vitality 悶悶不樂的:lacking in cheer 沒有憐憫心的,殘忍的:no pity 少量,很短的距離:small degree;(使)慢慢移動:move slowly 機能失調的:out orderly function;不連貫的:not connected 貧乏的:deficient (以嘲笑原作作者的)模仿作品:imitated for ridicule;模仿(以嘲弄):copy to make fun 預示,預兆:show signs 多余的,過剩的:exceeding sufficient 變得衰弱:become feeble 哨兵,看守:watches over 瞞騙,以智取勝:surpass cunning 懶惰:inertness;衰弱:weakness, weariness 監獄:confinement;關押,監禁:close 契約,合同:binding agreement;收縮:reduce size;感染疾病:become affected 憤世嫉俗者:selfishness 刻薄的,充滿仇恨的:deep-seated resentment 固態的,堅固的:not easily yield to pressure;有理有據的:sound reasoning;堅定的,不遲疑的 緊隨其后:afterward (觀念、想法等)孤立狹隘的:narrow provincial viewpoint 密集的一群:a number of things, a unit; 堵塞:prevent, through, filling with something; 凝 好斗的,好戰的:assertiveness, hostility, combativeness 前言:introductory, preclude;序曲:introduction opera 難以理解或解釋的事物,謎:hard to understand 不守紀律的:not subjected, discipline; 愛開玩笑的:joking, teasing 行為出格的,不循規蹈矩的:deviating conventional 恥辱:mark of guilt;含糊地發音:indistinctly;疏忽,忽略:without due, consideration 高度,身高:height;才干,水平:quality, status 使免除:release liability 多結的,復雜的,困難的:full of difficulties complications (女人)體態苗條的,優雅的:slim 堅定的,忠誠的:firm in belief 不存在,零:nothing 一瞥,斜眼看:sidelong 感染,潰爛,腐爛:corrupt 懶惰的:averse to activity 私自挪用:take possession, without permission; 適當的:suitable, fitting

捏造:make up;搭建,組建,打造:bring into being by combining 航海的:on water 無間斷的:without interruption 請愿,正式的申請,申請書:supplication or request;(尤指正式地)請求:,make a request 似是而非的,欺騙性的:false look of truth 騙子醫生,江湖郎中:pretender 不幸之事:unfortunate 使變鈍:less sharp; 減弱(力度等):weaken in strength or feeling; 直率的:direct, brief 爭吵,爭論:expression of differing opinions;(邏輯上的)論證:from a premise to a conclu 不滿的,叛逆的:discontented 煽動者:person who stirs up;煽動性的:tending to inflame 使尷尬:experience distress;阻撓,制造障礙:create difficulty 愛國者:loves country 頂峰:highest point 使陶醉,使沉迷:overcome with emotion 刺激,惹惱:provoke anger 笨重的,難處理的:difficult to handle (膚色)健康紅潤的:healthy reddish;富有的:money in abundance;大量的:abundance;沖洗: 自我克制,主動戒絕:refrain, by one’s own choice 時代錯誤:chronologically misplaced 平凡的,陳腐的:commonplaceness 內在的:innermost 古老的,過時的:out of style 使過量,使充滿:beyond capacity 大量的人,(尤指)軍團:large body of men;大量的:numerous 少量:small amount;小口吃喝:in small amounts 阻礙,妨礙:impede;給…增添負擔:place burden 安全度過(危機等),經受住:come through 使平靜,安慰:ease the anger 宮殿般奢華的:ornateness 即興的:without previous thought or preparation 脫下:take off, remove 思想前衛的:not bound;慷慨的,大方的:generosity 支持;擁護:support;與…結婚:marriage, marry 精疲力竭的:drained of energy 貶低…的價值:lower value;輕視:lower estimation, esteem 充滿感情的,熱情洋溢的:great intensity of feeling 自滿的,自鳴得意的:excessive or unjustified satisfaction;無所謂的,不關心的:lack of int 勇氣:strength of spirit;毅力,耐力:stamina 常規,習俗:agreement, acceptance;公約,協議:agreement;大會,集會:coming together 輕浮的:unbecoming levity;不重要的:little importance (通常伴隨雨或雪的)風暴,暴風雪,暴風雨:violent windstorm;尖叫:scream 公平的:impartiality;(質量、檔次等)中規中矩的,一般的:average;不感興趣的,冷漠的:lac 混濁的:deficient in clarity 耗盡,使衰竭:make complete use 將…減到最少:reduce to smallest;刻意低估:underestimate;表示鄙夷:scornfully low opinio 使(品質)污損:morally bad

建立者:one establishes;完敗:fail utterly;沉沒:become submerged 實踐,履行(諾言等):required;改過自新:make better 拙劣的,嘲弄性模仿:exaggerated imitation 無計劃的,無目的的:lacking plan;令人失望的:disappointing 無規律的,缺乏周期的:erratic or intermittent 假裝,模仿:take on the appearance;模擬:create a representation 懇求,乞求:make a request earnest or urgent 不偏不倚,公平:lack of favoritism 紀律嚴明之人:strict 有觸覺的,能觸知的:touch tangible (無目的)地亂涂亂畫:aimlessly;漫無目的地打發時光:aimless activity 節儉,勤儉持家:use economically 集合體:units or parts, associated; 集合,聚焦:collect or gather 仔細的,謹小慎微的:careful scrutiny;小的,不重要的:of small importance 使改變外觀:alter appearance, transform 脫(羽、皮等):shed feathers 徒步穿越,走過:travel over 惡棍,罪犯:behaves criminally 直覺的:by intuition 臣民,受支配的人:under authority;取決于(其他因素)的:under the influence 不論是否愿意地:desired or not;無秩序的,隨意的:without order 使適應:to change (something) so as to make it suitable 懦弱的,膽小得令人鄙視的:timidity 請求,懇求:entreat earnestly;在腦海中浮現,想起:form a mental picture 令人討厭的人或事物:causes boredom;使厭倦,使厭煩:make weary 井然有序的,有條理的:systematic order 精明能干的:shrewdness;合時宜的,明智的:suitable 傳奇,傳說:popular myth;圖例:explanatory list map 引起,使發展:cause;產生,出現:come into existence 易怒的,暴躁的:easily annoyed, irritable 抑制(表情):inhibit the expression;用暴力終止,鎮壓:put a stop to, force 精力充沛的,強壯的,健康的:full of strength 否認:deny,renounce;投降,放棄,交出(權力等):surrender,relinquish (在重要性、成就方面)非同尋常的:standing above;給出信號:direct or notify 老練,機智:knowledge actually doing;明確了解:clear idea of;有見識的,精明能干的:pract 天堂,極樂世界:perfection and happiness;快樂,狂喜:pleasurable emotion 建造,建立:form;創造,相出:create imagination 顏料:color;給…上顏色:color 更改,修正:improve 宏偉,壯麗:grand 迷戀的,熱愛的:intense or excessive love 難以表達的:incapable expressed 憎惡,討厭:strong dislike 有害的,有毒的:harmful;惡臭的:offensive smell;非常令人厭惡的:objectionable 雜色的:different colors;混合的,雜糅而成的:different sorts 投擲:send through the air 懶洋洋地行動:lazy;偷懶,打發時間:doing nothing

漫步,漫游:move aimlessly;漫談,長篇大論(并經常離題)地說或寫:without a topic 開端,開始:beginning 謾罵,誹謗:abusively language;惡名,恥辱:lost the esteem 大雜燴:mixture dissimilar 詳細的,復雜的:complexity;詳細闡述:in detail 挑剔的,極仔細的,追求完美的:meticulous attention to detail 嫻熟技巧:skill;精心策劃:plan out with subtle skill;(巧妙地)躲避:keep away from 鏤雕(金屬)以裝飾:decorate; 驅趕:force out 假定,斷定:affirm 惹怒:arouse anger 座右銘:guiding principle 貪污受賄的:open to corrupt 啰嗦的:verbose;不集中的,擴散的:not concentrated;擴展,散開:extend, scatter 抑制因素:restrains, depresses 初次登臺,出道:first appearance 下意識的,潛在意識的:below perception 保險措施:to preclude loss or injury;萬無一失的:no chance of failure (外貌、結構等)精致,極度興奮,發狂:fineness (勞作后的)休息:state of resting;平靜,寧靜:freedom from storm;休息:take a rest;放置 贊揚:approbation, praise; 委托保管:entrust; 推薦:recommend 即將結束的,垂死的:approaching death;即將過時:obsolete 凸起的:curves outward 溫和地責備,警告:scold gently;不欣賞,不喜歡:unfavorable opinion 同時期的,同步的:identical period phase 寧靜,淡定:freedom from storm 先例,前例:earlier occurrence;先前的:prior 怒目而視:stare with anger 帶有敵意的:hostility;危及某人利益的,不利的:opposed to interests 解釋,說明:detailed explanation 可燃的:igniting; 容易激動的:easily excited 敲詐,勒索:extortion of money 逐漸增長:increase gradually 十四行詩:14-line verse form 喝酒喧鬧的人:engages in merrymaking 暴怒:rage 使...相關聯:mutual or reciprocal relation 荒唐的,可笑的:derisive laughter 給...作注解:commentary or explanatory notes (過度放縱之后)厭倦享樂的,膩厭的:apathetic 放棄(職位,權力等):give up;移交,交出:give control or possession 大火:fire;地獄:resembles hell 重要的,意味深長的:full of meaning;懷孕的:containing offspring 辦遭,失敗:work clumsily 瑕疵,缺點:imperfection;降低,破壞,使不完美:reduce perfection 玩忽職守的,不認真的:lacking duty, carelessly;被社會遺棄的人:social misfit 靈巧的,熟練的:skill (尤指聲音)沙啞的,粗糙的:rough;高大威猛的:muscular

(使)轉向,(使)改變航線:change direction 給人好感的,有魅力的:impress favorably 不幸:bad fortune 鑒賞家(尤指藝術領域):with discrimination, appreciation;專家:high level of knowledge 使人陶醉的東西(尤指酒精飲料):intoxicates 易變的:likely to change;不忠誠的:not true in one’s allegiance 流氓,惡棍:evil 平庸的,質量中等偏下的:moderate 易碎的:easily crumbled 脫衣,剝去:remove clothing 庫存,儲備:inventory;普通的,常備的:commonly used 后退:back;退化,惡化:worse 熱心,熱誠:enthusiastic devotion 使失去勇氣:lose courage;使不安,使焦慮:trouble, uneasy (根據不足的)推測,揣測:based on scantly evidence 輕視,鄙視:scorn 忙亂,喧囂:noisy, energetic;(快速地)行走,奔忙:move briskly 防守不住的,站不住腳的:defended 無法自控的情緒:beyond self-control;狂喜:intense joy 揮霍的:spendthrift;敗家子:spends freely 活力,熱情:vitality 不尋常的,不合適的:out of accord with 期刊:publication;周期性的,有固定間隔的:regular intervals 慢跑:movement exercise;喚起:rouse 降職,降級:a lower grade 由一般到個別的推理,演繹:reasoning, deduction 即興表現:without prior preparation 部分地或有保留地揭露:disclose; 預示著:give a slight indication 要求(權利):ask for, right; 斷言:state as a fact; 剝奪生命:deprive, life; 權利:right 豐富的,普遍的:great numbers 美差:requires little or no work 防腐劑:protect against decay 贊歌,贊美詩:song of praise;贊美:proclaim the glory 支持,提倡:support 折痕:folding 被改變宗教信仰的人:converted;使改變信仰:bring over from brief;改變,轉化:alter 隱藏:conceal;分泌:generate 催眠的:cause sleep 健康的,清潔的:health 喝水,攝取水分:take in liquid (演講的)結束語:concluding part;(正式的)演講,致辭:formal discourse (山間)小道:a narrow passage;褻瀆:treat with great disrespect;使腐壞,污損:make unfi 使憤怒:arouse anger;激起,刺激:excite or arouse 給…上釉,妝點:coat glaze;使平滑:glossy surface 發出含糊無意義的嘟囔聲,胡亂說:utter, meaningless; 閑聊:rambling conversation 崇高的:elevated;高的:rising;自大的:superiority 使困惑,使模糊:confused, opaque

新生的:recently come into existence 使消瘦,使衰弱:become thin;削弱:feeble 直率的,(說話)直截了當的:direct, brief, potentially rude;欺騙:deceive 根除:pull out 炫耀:flamboyance 歸罪于:accuse of a crime 令人驚奇的事物:surprise, admiration or wonder;(因為壯觀、美麗等而)表示驚訝:feel amaze 陷阱:capture and hold animals;(不易察覺的)危害:hidden danger 裝飾華麗的,過分雕琢的,復雜的:extravagance, complexity, flamboyance; (程度上)過分的:b 禁止:forbid;阻止:stop, seize or interrupt 假的,偽造的:lacking authenticity (故作夸張的)悲哀的:mournful 代理人,代表:representative for another;移交(權力,任務等):possession or safekeeping 使精通,使熟悉:familiarize;詩歌:rhythm lyrical effect 密集的:little space 困境,復雜的局面:complicated situation;紛爭:angry expression of differing opinions 運動:moving 苦工;單調、卑賤或無趣的工作:tedious work 限制,控制:limit, restrict (情感)強烈的,熱情的:great depth of feeling 困境:unfortunate 贊美詩:hymn or psalm;合唱班,合唱團:group of singers 細長瘦弱的:long lean;不僵硬的,柔軟松弛的:limp, not stiff 可塑的,柔軟的:flexible 導師:guide;教導,指導:give advice 懸崖峭壁:steep 固執的,倔強的:self-willed;故意的:deliberately 透明清澈的:transparent clearness;鎮定的,淡定的:free from agitation 前任,先輩:previously occupied 教育,灌輸思想:instruct 放棄,摒棄:formally reject 古怪有趣的,離奇可笑的:amusingly odd 易彎曲的:easily bent;順從的:yielding 純凈;純潔,純在:clean, morally pure 道德敗壞:immoral, harmful or offensive 啰嗦的,話多得令人厭煩的:tiresomely, talkative 動力;沖力;勢頭:impetus 避難所:protection 限制:limit; 包圍,圍繞:surround 自戀:admiration of oneself 合唱,合奏曲:two or move vocalists 推遲,延期:postpone;遵從:respect 笨拙的,缺乏社交經驗的:lacking grace 陳舊的:worn-out 無節制的,極端的,不溫和的:not temperate 救援,援助:aid 吝嗇的:stingy

多刺的:spines;棘手的,麻煩的:requiring exceptional skill 精練的,簡潔的:brief 遠離中心的,(神經)末梢的:situated away 流星般迅速而短暫的:brevity 冗長的:verbosity (從災難中)搶救:save from loss 吃力而笨拙地走:heavily or clumsily 不可避免的,必然的:incapable avoided 傳說中的:fable;幻想中的,不真實的:in the imagination;令人驚訝的,令人稱奇的:causing w 使統一化:make agree single established standard 使(食物)脫水以保存,使干燥:drying;使缺乏活力:deprive vitality 和睦,友好:cordial relations 補助金,津貼:monetary support 深思熟慮的,審慎的:calculated 逐漸減少:gradually less 特立獨行之人:does not conform;標新立異的,不合常規的:deviating 文學作品的結局:concluding section literary;戲劇的收場白:final scene of a paly 放蕩的,無節制的:restraint, indulging 擔憂,憂慮:doubt 詛咒:curse 繩,線之一股:single filament;遺棄,使置之困境:leave in a unfavorable place 強制的:forcing compliance (使)過量,(使)飲食過度:supply excess 不重要的:deficient in weight;輕微的:small in degree;輕蔑,看不起:treat with disdain; 使尷尬:embarrassment;阻礙:prevent 間接的,含沙射影的,虛情假意的:indirect 嚴厲斥責:scold sharply 即席的表演:done extemporaneously;即席的,即興的:without previous preparation 發芽:begin to grow;出現:come into being 輕快呃,活潑的:sprightly 橫穿:pass across 秘密行動:proceeding furtively;秘密的:not to attract attention 化身的,人性化的:bodily nature and form;使(思想、理論)具體,體現:constitute an embodi 深思熟慮的:careful (使)(戰爭等)升級,擴大:increase 令人反感的,令人恐懼的:repugnance 浸泡:make wet;陡峭的:approaching perpendicular;過分的,過高的:beyond limit 猶豫,不情愿:hesitant, reluctant 和善的,友好的:agreement;令人愉悅的:giving pleasure (使)改變,(使)變異:undergo mutation 深奧的,難解的:difficult to comprehend 向往,渴望:desire, yearn 急躁的,憂慮的:impatience, uneasiness;難以管束的:resisting control 打消錯誤念頭,糾正:free from error, fallacy, misconception 陰沉的,喪葬的:lacking in cheer 喧鬧的,騷亂的:noisy 侵蝕,慢慢減少:consume gradually

間斷:interruption 油嘴滑舌的,諂媚的:flattering;夸張的,做作的:affected, exaggerated 痛苦,悲傷,折磨:great suffering 潛在的,不活躍的:potential, not evident (機械地)模仿,復制:imitate without understanding 淺薄的知識:superficial knowledge;少量:small amount 沉著冷靜的,淡定的:extreme calm 波動,無規則地變動:shift back and forth 小憩:lightly 打擾,使尷尬:disturb the composure 將…燒成灰燼:burn to ashes 緊握:holding 抑制(聲音、呼吸等);阻止,扼殺:hold back 嘲弄性不理會,蔑視:treat with disregard 假的:doubtful authenticity, spurious 好斗,好戰:aggressive or truculent (正式地)放棄:give up;宣布與…決裂:refuse to follow 分割;部分:separate 承認:admit 大聲說出或宣告:make known 缺乏的,不足的:less plentiful;節省花費,吝嗇:give insufficient funds (舉止)笨拙的:inability to move in a graceful manner 削弱:weaken energy vitality;健康,活力:active strength (尤指小口地)喝:swallow in liquid form 恢復(健康或力量),康復:recover health 誘騙:mislead (基因等)隱性的,由隱性基因控制的:does not produce a characteristic effect when present 刮擦(以發出刺耳的聲音):rasping;騷擾,惹惱:irritate 自主決定的:one’s own discretion 責難,批評:criticism 堅定的:firm determination 贖罪,糾正:extinguish the guilt 渴望,奢望:yearn;因渴望而憔悴:lose vigor 調情的女子:flirt;調情,不認真對待:playfully 仁慈的,好慈善的:charity; (對個人或社會)有益的:contributing 豪華的,奢侈的:extremely luxurious 難以取悅的,難滿足的:satisfied;費時間花心思的:requiring careful attention 邋遢的,不整潔的:lacking neatness 冷淡的:aloof 微風:slight gust;細微的信號,輕微痕跡:imperceptible sign 壓縮,壓緊:binding or squeezing 用諷刺歪曲等手法的夸張,漫畫,諷刺畫:exaggeration; 嘲笑性模仿或夸張:copy, exaggerate 裝病以逃避工作:pretend illness 盜版,盜用:without actual right;海島:robber seas 起訴,控告:accuse (損害、傷害等的)保險賠償:compensation 承認:grant;停止抵抗:cease resistance

智者:wisdom 喧嘩的,大叫大嚷的:vehement outcry 諷刺,輕蔑:ironic 華麗輝煌的:brilliantly 磨快:sharpen 否認:declare not to be true;拒絕接受:unwillingness to accept 殘余,剩余物:left over 本質的,關鍵的:relating to the essence 突然說出,沖動地說:abruptly 虛偽,做作:not natural, no


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