My career choice In college the eternal topic which students always talk about is career choice.As college students,we must face the social career issue in the nearly future.Fortunately,I have a specific goal which means that I will be likely to be a machine designer in the future. Of course there are some certain reasons.First I like to play with all kinds of machines out of the curiosity which drives me to explore the secrets in the machines.when I was a little kid I preferred to take apart my toy cars to check the ways that make the toy car move.Second as far as I know there is much possibility of improving machine designing technology in our nation,especially in the advanced machine designing area.There is still much importation of certain machines which we can not make them out .This limits our production ability in some terms.Third I am majoring the machine designing major.What I learn in school is mainly about machine designing,which will absolutely benefit me in the future. Therefore,I will choose to be a machine designer in the future.
My Views on the Influence of Western Culture Every country has its own culture which is unique in the world. Human create culture and culture brings interesting life to human. Nowadays with the closely contact of different countries,we are influenced by other country's culture. There are some of my views on western culture's influence. First,we should have an open horizon to western culture. Every culture always has something good enough that is worthy of being studied and learned.Only our culture constantly takes in new elements,can it have a constant improvement. Second,we should pay more attention to western culture itself. It is not wise to accept it even to imitate it. After all cultural takes place in a certain environment. It is impossible to suit to all conditions. Faced with western culture what we should do is to find out its value and take in it. Last but not least,we should try our best to get some new ideas from western culture and create our own new culture with these ideas. I think this is the best way on culture road. Culture itself takes no responsibility for all things,so we should take western culture seriously.

Popularity of micro-message As we can see the chart shows an instantly fastly increasing trend of the micro-message users from 2011 to 2013.there were more than 250 million people who were using micro-message in 2013.here are my some views about this phenomenon below: First with the improvement of technology and science the the living place distance of friends and families is far away.they have to seek a small software that can enable them to communicate with their distant friends and families.there is no doubt that micro-message is an easy-operated small APP which can meet their demands.second the function of micro-message itself plays a vital role in the process that micro-message becomes more and more popular.through it people can not only

send message but also can send picture ,voice and video.it also has the ability that allows people to publish their own small messages which we usually call shuoshuo in QQ APP.third the curiosity of people and friends’ advice are of some effects.this makes the APP spread quickly among friends. In fact having a try on micro-message is not a bad thing.however it is no need spending to much time on it.we should have a wise mind on dealing with our daily life. 這是我四級模擬的作文,得了 13 分,我覺得寫得沒有第一篇好。 第一個算是最好,好的作文不需要太多的字,200 以內最好,但是要把要點表達 出來,然后就是盡量用從句,用高級詞匯。


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